Matthew Holt

THCB Spotlight: Dexcare CEO, Derek Streat

According to their press release, “Dexcare is a care-access platform to manage the logistics of digital-care delivery. The platform enables healthcare systems to forecast and predict demand and manage how and where care is merchandized to consumers – throughout the digital ecosystem”. What does that mean? How does it compare to a bunch of other digital health companies trying to manager consumer operations inside providers? And having been incubated not that long ago at Providence, how has this demand generation and management service grown so fast. And why has Iconiq Growth just pushed another $75m worth of chips onto the poker table in front of them?

Derek Streat has been around digital health for a while, having founded and sold an early Health 2.0 favorite, Medify. I took him through his market and what Dexcare does in a lot of detail, so hopefully you’ll find this look very educational, not only about Dexcare but also about the consumer market environment health systems are operating in. Matthew Holt