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Disrupting Healthcare Payment with Mobile Platform M-TIBA | Maarten Ras, CarePay


What’s the future of healthcare payment? Could it be mobile?? CarePay is a health tech startup that is revolutionizing the way people in Africa send, save and spend funds for medical treatments via their mobile app M-TIBA. Maarten Ras, Regional Commercial Director shares how M-TIBA digitizes healthcare insurance schemes for the Kenyan government, allowing patients access to their healthcare benefits — and a way to pay for medical services — from their phone. A dream-scenario for health systems around the world that are looking for versatility, transparency and accountability in payment management, but is it really scalable? We find out who’s using M-TIBA right now, and how far CarePay is trying to go. Surely, a startup working so closely with national governments (including one that enrolled 2.5 million people just four months ago) is bound for big things?

Filmed at Bayer G4A Signing Day in Berlin, Germany, October 2019.

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