Matthew Holt Interviews Regina Holliday at HIMSS

Another in a series of interviews that should have been posted months ago, but Matthew Holt is just getting to now.

If you don’t Regina Holliday, well you should. Regina is a patient rights activist and artist, and she founded The Walking Gallery of Healthcare in 2009 after attending her first medical conference. We are also pretty sure that Health 2.0, in 2010, was the first conference she was invited to speak at! She is on a mission to amplify patients’ voice by painting jackets for patients and providers.

Several companies and individuals are now asking Regina Holliday to paint their story. Today, The Walking Gallery has a total of 43 artists and 400+ painted jackets. Individuals who believe in the movement are asked to join Regina at Salt and Pepper Studios in Maryland, and are able to paint their patient narrative. Matthew Holt caught up with Regina at HIMSS back in February, where her painting was sponsored by Xerox Health for the first time at the conference. A very interesting woman with a different approach to supporting patient rights.

Priya Kumar is an Operations & Marketing Intern at Health 2.0, and a student at the George Washington University