The (Affordable!) Health Coach in Your Pocket

Vida, a new health coaching app that connects users to coaches and educators for $15/week, launched commercially this week with $5 million in funding from Khosla Ventures and several others, as well as an on stage demo at Code Mobile.

Vida is the latest in a crop of health apps focused on tech-enabled services. The idea is a familiar one at this point, but something that health care has struggled with: how can we keep individuals with chronic illnesses on track between doctor’s appointments? The answer has historically required high-cost, high-touch programs, but now technology is helping those programs scale.

Founder and CEO Stephanie Tilenius and Chief Medical Officer Connie Chen sat down with Matthew Holt to explain how Vida works, how it’s currently being used, and what’s on the road map for the young, San Francisco-based company.

Kim Krueger is a Research Analyst at Health 2.0. 

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