Navinet: Health 2.0 Poster Child

What was once an enterprise software company designing bespoke systems for each client has over the course of the past three years transitioned to a national network-as-a-service with configuration tools and a soon-to-come open API. Could there be a better example of Health 2.0 in action? Say hello to the ‘new’ Navinet, a 15 year-old network that connects over 400,000 providers to more than 40 health plans, covering more than 47 million lives.

Matthew Holt spoke with Navinet CEO Frank Ingari about both Navinet’s stealthy evolution, as well as the company’s new goals moving forward. Navinet still performs the core handful of transactions health care providers have always used the system for — eligibility checks, payment status, referral approval, and treatment authorization among others – but now with a connected network, the emphasis is on collaborative workflow and combining clinical information with reimbursement transactions to improve care.

Ingari said it best: the health care communication infrastructure sucks. Consumers know it, and it isn’t any better for payers and providers. To hear more about how Navinet plans to be that communication infrastructure health care is so sorely missing, watch the interview below.

Kim Krueger is a Research Analyst at Health 2.0 where Matthew Holt is the Co-Chairman.  

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