Will Computers Really Replace Radiologists?


There is hope, hype and hysteria about artificial intelligence (AI). How will AI change how radiology is practiced?  I discuss this with Stephen Borstelmann, a radiologist in Florida and a scholar in machine learning.

Listen to our discussion on the Radiology Firing Line Series, hosted by the Journal of the American College of Radiology and sponsored by Healthcare Administrative Partners.

About the author:

Saurabh Jha is a radiologist and contributing editor to THCB. He hosts the Radiology Firing Line Podcasts

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  1. Hope not. To whom would I then tell my radiologist jokes? Anyway, too busy to watch that but my assessment of AI (lots of input from computer geek son and his friends) is that we really aren’t that close to being able to replace people. Sometime in the future the robots/computers take over for almost all of us, but that time isn’t very close yet.