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SMACK.Health–Getting Clear on the Concept

I’m going to be announcing some big changes on THCB and with my overall services in the next little bit. So to prepare for this, here’s a rather good explanation I did last year in Australia of what I mean by — randomly the interviewer was Jessica DaMassa with whom I now do #Healthin2pt00 — Matthew Holt

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  1. Beginning with a broad understanding of SOCIAL CAPITAL, herein is one person’s definition:

    .”The attributes of TRUST, COOPERATION and RECIPROCITY
    .that a community steadily transforms into its Social Discourse and
    .its citizens more commonly express to resolve the Social Dilemmas
    .they encounter during participation in their community’s Civil Life
    .WHEN enduring Caring Relationships become more prevalent
    .between and within the networks of the community’s citizens, especially
    .by the generational Caring Relationships originating community-wide
    .from within the Neighborhood Network of each citizen’s Family.”

    So defined, one implication is that a community’s investment in Social Capital is measurable over intervals measured by generational change. So, our standard use of RCT is likely impractical as a means to assess the contributing factors for individual as well as population health. Furthermore, we also probably need a more robust definition of HEALTH, other than WELLNESS.

    • In the midst of deafening silence, here is an advanced definition of HEALTH.

      HEALTH may be defined as “a person’s daily expression of life-long survival that is
      ENDOWED by the person’s individually unique Clusters of Human Capabilities and their transformation during maternal gestation to become sufficient for variably stable survival after birth as a Dependent person with an innate temperament and its baseline homeostasis;
      NURTURED BY the Caring Relationships originating
      ….before birth from among the Dependent person’s Family with a commitment to assist the person explore the broadest portrayal of their reflective-cognition Cluster of Human Capabilities for becoming an Independent person AND
      ….after birth from among the person’s Extended Family and the micro-neighborhood network of the person’s Family with a commitment to offer periodic kindness and respect for the person’s Family, especially for the Personal Survival Plan of each Family member;
      MATURED BY the daily encounter with Disruptive Processes
      ….beginning before birth to cause reversible or irreversible adverse effects on the life-long developmental expression of the person’s reflective-cognition Cluster of Human Capabilities, innate temperament and its baseline homeostasis, as ameliorated concurrently through the Caring Relationships originating from among the person’s Family and Extended Family AND
      ….occurring life-long as interacting combinations and patterns of multiple specific disruptive processes to cause reversible and irreversible adverse effects on the resilience of the person’s individually unique Clusters of Human Capabilities
      SUSTAINED BY the person’s Family Traditions and the Common Good of the person’s community until the resilience of the person’s Clusters of Human Capabilities, innate temperament and its baseline homeostasis becomes insufficient for survival from the cumulative, irreversible adverse effects of the disruptive processes encountered daily throughout the person’s life-time.”

      Of course, left unattended are the definitions for Caring Relationships, Family, Extended family, Micro-neighborhood Network, Family Traditions, Personal Survival Plan (for medical TRIAGE), Disruptive Processes, and COMMON GOOD (including its Social Capital, as above). All, another time! For now, think “Blue Zone.”

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