Beyond The Hype Within AI and Machine Learning






Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are very buzzy and in the storm of tweets and scandals it’s easy to use the terms interchangeably, as if they are synonyms. They’re not synonyms, but here’s a rule of thumb: All Machine Learning is AI, but not all AI is Machine Learning.

Examples of Machine Learning in everyday life abound, and for all the attention aimed at the behemoth Facebook, and their epic fail of data protection and privacy, the benefits of Machine Learning generally outweigh the bad. Here we explore the opportunity within Healthcare for AI and ML to do good.

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  1. “While Machine Learning is for machines to learn from data, Artificial Intelligence is about augmenting the human experience, so by definition it cannot be achieved without the participation of a human…”

    “Machine Learning” aside, there is a conceptual differentiation between “AI” (Artificial Intelligence) and “IA” (Intelligence Augmentation). Some of the anxiety over “AI” goes to the concern that it may eventually become independently “sentient,” perhaps uncontrollably so. The most garish, dystopian, malevolent portrayal of this idea may be the “Mark 13” warrior robot in the cult film “Hardware.”

    What would be YOUR definition of “intelligence?”