10 Reasons Why You MUST Attend HxR 2017!

We know there are plenty of healthcare conferences to choose from if you’re looking to get inspired. However, we strongly believe our conference really sets us apart when it comes to applying design and technology to improve health. Here’s why…

10. Networking
There are plenty of opportunities to rub elbows with hundreds of high-level individuals who are changing the game in health. Take advantage of coffee breaks, lunches, and the reception at the end of day one!

9. Workshops
Register for the workshops at HXR to get hands-on information and be able to apply what you learned, right away.

8. Connect with companies
The exhibit hall will be filled with companies who are showcasing their latest and greatest work in health. Strike up a conversation and take a look at case studies from various companies.

7. Yoga
TEDx speaker, Director of Pharmacy and Integrative Health at an FQHC, and President of RXRelax, Jay Gupta, will keynote on June 21st. Jay’s been researching and developing the next blockbuster drug to prevent and reverse many chronic health conditions. He trains care teams to use yoga as medicine in his RxRelax Therapeutic Yoga Training for Healthcare Professionals and has developed a variety of audio and video tools that support a healthy lifestyle.

6. Design for Health Awards
Now in it’s third year, the HXR’s Design for Health awards will feature the best service design, digital product, website, process improvement, health communication, data visualization, physical environment, or mind-blowing new thing. See the selected project, and award ceremony on the main stage. Submissions close Friday, May 19th!

5. Motivation and health behavior change
In theĀ Motivation and Health Behavior Change session at HXR, you’ll learn from experts in the field about theory-backed and evidence-based approaches to facilitating motivation for positive health behaviors in a variety of contexts from interpersonal (coaching and clinical encounters) to commercial applications (digital services, websites & apps) to large-scale multi-modal public health campaigns.

4. VR & wearable sensors
Wearables, sensors, and tech-enabled devices continue to make an impact in these innovative times in health. They have led to a more accurate real-time data collection, allowing health professionals to better understand individual’s lifestyles and behaviors. We will hear from some of the most innovative companies in the field and get a behind-the-scene on how they developed their technology, which makes them stand out from the crowd.

3. Healthcare Jeopardy
You heard that correctly. A panel disguised as a game show. Jeopardy meets the Price Is Right. You have to see it to believe it.

2. Patient stories
At HxR, the patients voice will be heard loud and clear in various sessions throughout the conference including a session on mental health.

1. Be part of the change that healthcare needs
Each year, HXR makes large strides in improving health. Be part of that solution.

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Jill Merrigan is the Marketing Manager of Health 2.0.

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