Finding Care Can Be Easy; Check Out The RWJF Choosing Care Challenge Finalists

How would you get to an unfamiliar destination without Google Maps, Waze, a GPS or even an old school map? Now how about your health care
how do you determine which road to take when you need local, reliable and affordable services? It can be tough to find the right care, but the RWJF Choosing Care Challenge is changing the game. In Phase I of the challenge, over 60 teams submitted seamless solutions to help patients find the care and services that fit their needs. Each team’s solution simplifies the journey to address the crucial need for personalized and accessible health care.

The challenge judges were particularly impressed with the solutions of: Stroll Health, Project Helix, A Moment Team, Luma Health and Transcendent Endeavors. Named the Phase I Finalists, each of these teams will receive $5,000 to further their tech development for Phase II of the challenge. These solutions include:

Stroll Health (@StrollHealth) helps health providers send patients directly to a local imaging center that fits their needs. Stroll delivers a convenient easy-to-use platform providing automatic referrals, prior authorization and real-time scheduling.

Project Helix (@kcdigitaldrive) utilizes a chatbot within a mobile application to walk patients through the steps of a doctor’s care recommendations. Transparency and accessibility are key in Project Helix’s technology, as the team connects with the patient each step of the way with text notifications and API data tailoring results to the patient’s needs.

Moment (@momentdesign) created “Orderly,” which has three key features: 1) patients receive up-to-date lists of preferred specialists, imaging labs and pharmacies, 2) patients can view data such as cost, coverage and location, and 3) patients can schedule next steps through provided contact information and online booking tools.

Luma Health (@Lumahealthhq) uses text message updates to connect patients with a pharmacy, imaging center or specialist as soon as they step out of an appointment. Luma’s secure chatbot collects basic information to fully understand health care needs. Once the information is collected, a phone call from a specified provider will then be initiated directing them to their choice of preferred care.

Transcendent Endeavors (@TransEndeavors) introduces “Pooled,” a web-based platform designed to collect patient demographics to be used in a patient pool. Healthcare providers can then compete, or bid, to offer the lowest price for their services. With this solution, patients can follow a bidding process to compare price and location of services to get the most out of their care experience.

Amongst the many innovative and comprehensive submissions, the judges also recognized the following five teams as honorable mentions:

  • Emrify’s (@emrify) mobile app empowers patients to document their care and discover follow-up resources to improve outcomes.
  • Markit Medical (@MarkitMedical) pinpoints a patient’s needs and identifies follow-up care at the moment when it’s most actionable for the patient.
  • Team Anakalypsi uses a Facebook chatbot to communicate with patients on a more personal level.
  • Doctible (@doctible) leverages a patient referral systems to deliver an easy-to-use experience for patients and providers.
  • HonestHealth’s (@honestHealth) consumer-focused portal on health.ny.gov acts as a baseline to locate and acquire imaging lab services and specialists, affordable coverage options and in-network referrals.

In Phase II, three of the five finalists will be selected as winners and granted prize funding to continue to develop their tech-enabled solutions. The third place winner will receive $10,000, followed by the second place winner with $15,000, and first place will be awarded the grand prize of $50,000.  For further updates on the Phase II winners of the RWJF Choosing Care Challenge and other programs, subscribe to the Catalyst @ Health 2.0 Newsletter, and follow @catalyst_h20 on Twitter.

Chelsea Polaniecki is a Program Manager at Catalyst @ Health 2.0.

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