The AHCA (Full Text) Updated 3/13

As of today, observers believe the American Health Care Act lacks the votes necessary to pass in the House.  That may or may not change as events unfold. This version of the Republican’s draft health reform legislation will remain archived on THCB until an updated version is released. If you have a question about the bill’s language or there is an item you’d like to call out, you can comment below.

[pdf-embedder url=”https://thehealthcareblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/AmericanHealthCareAct-Budget.pdf”]

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  1. You should probably add the Manager’s Amendment, because it amends this thing to be a little bit more vindictive towards the American people (text here: https://rules.house.gov/sites/republicans.rules.house.gov/files/115/PDF/115-AHCA-SxS-MNGR-Policy.pdf )

    I have no idea what they will be voting on today or more likely tomorrow, seeing how concessions from the White House to the Freedom Caucus are flowing like water for chocolate, but they will not be voting on the text here. Hopefully we and GOP House members get to at least SEE the new bill before they vote, let alone read it.

    Hopefully, this deformity gets shelved somewhere in a dark basement for eternity.
    A nice bonus would be to have Speaker Ryan gone with the bill….