Imagine Ransomware, For Your Body

Wired has an article up, “Medical Devices are the Next Security Nightmare.”  It’s all about how vulnerable almost all of these implantable devices and hospital telemetry devices are, with old, unpatchable operating systems, open ports, all that.

Let’s just think about this. Imagine someone hacking your implanted defib or insulin pump.

Wait. No need. Imagine just getting an email telling that they have hacked into it. They have the keys to your body’s engine. And they want something in return for not turning it off.

“Give us your credit card and bank account information — all of it. Now. Or we will start screwing up your body, a little bit or a lot, whenever we feel like it, dumping all the insulin into the bloodstream at once. Or just giving you a heart attack. You have until 5pm EST.

“Now, we know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Did they really hack my body?” And you’re wondering, “Can they really do that? Does it work that way? Can a defib actually stop my heart? Or are they just scamming me?”

“Maybe we’re not so sure ourselves that we got the hack just right. So you’ve you’ve really gotta ask yourself just one question: “Do I feel lucky?” Well, do ya, punk?”

Think about it.


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