MACRA and the New Quality Payment Program: Most Frequently Asked Questions

November 2 | 2-3 PM EST      / With THCB 

On Oct. 14 the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released detailed regulations for implementation of the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA). With so many changes to the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) and the Advanced Alternative Payment Model (APM) track, we at Health Catalyst have heard many questions and comments. This is understandable, as the substantial 962-page proposal has grown to the 2,398-page final rule. Also, since nearly all providers will be subject to the new Quality Payment Program (QPP), understanding MACRA and what it means for providers is imperative.

Earlier this year, Bobbi Brown, Health Catalyst Vice President of Financial Engagement, gave us a better understanding of the MACRA proposal. With the help of Dorian DiNardo and Dr. Bryan Oshiro, Bobbi is back to share her insights into the MACRA final rule and its implications for providers in a highly engaging question and answer format. Bobbi and the team will share the most frequently asked questions they have received since the announcement and their answers to them.

Some of the questions covered will be:

  • Do I need to report individually or as a group?
  • How should physicians prepare for MACRA?
  • How do I qualify for an APM?
  • What should be the implementation plan?

We look forward to you joining us. Click here to register.

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  1. The CMS/Congress folks need to give-up their ancient and undying devotion to the uniform actuarial basis for the funding of all E & M services. As a result they should have each citizen pick a Primary Physician for reimbursable routine checkup visits, offered in combination with a regularly scheduled care-plan supervision component. Then there would be a real world validity to the patient assignment issue, upon which the current MACRA mess all falls apart. Maybe Congress is to cheap to get it right by not wanting to spend on the process to identify the physician functioning as a person’s Primary Physician. Remember, that the long-term value of a Primary Physician’s role is to manage the level of uncertainty underlying each person’s HEALTH (see this week’s NEJM) through augmented accessibility!

  2. “MACRA is a total disaster. We’re gonna repeal and replace it with something GREAT. Bah-leeeve me, folks.”

  3. via e-mail:

    The Good Doctor writes

    Do we have any indication what a President Trump would do with MACRA?

  4. As part of our collaboration with Health Catalyst, THCB will be be collecting and publishing your questions about MACRA, value-based care and the MACRA Final Rule in the weeks to come. If you run your own practice or are involved on the business side of a health care organization making the transition to value-based care. We highly, highly encourage you to tune in to this week’s Health Catalyst webinar for a discussion of the advanced concepts involved. Note: this is not an introductory level session.

    We’ll also be publishing your theories, ideas and research about MACRA and Value-Based Care as part of the ongoing THCB Town Hall. You can send your posts to john at the healthcareblog.com