Matthew Holt Interviews Noah Lang at Health 2.0

One in a series of interviews that should have been posted months ago, but Matthew Holt is just getting to now.

Following time on the founding team at Reputation.com (where Grand Rounds’ founder Owen Tripp was CEO), Noah Lang started Stride Health. His passion to help freelancers understand and incorporate the right health insurance and dental plan led him to start Stride Health, where he is CEO.

Stride Health’s goal is to offer guidance for the independent working American (think Uber drivers in the gig economy) to help individuals understand the benefits of health care plans. They have raised $15.4M and are currently backed by companies such as Venrock, NEA, and F-Prime Capital. Back in March, Noah visited the Health 2.0 office where he talked with Matthew Holt about Stride Health and where they are headed. Check out the interview:

Priya Kumar is an Intern at Health 2.0, and a student at George Washington University

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