Qualcomm Life adds inpatient strategy with Capsule purchase

Qualcomm Life has built a big ecosystem of device partners on its 2net platform, focusing mostly on moving data from devices used by patients in their home. Today they sped up that development by buying Capsule which has a strong business on integrating data between different devices in the hospital.

I had a quick interview with Rick Valencia, GM of Qualcomm Life about their business. Two quick things to note. 1) I’m on the Qualcomm Life Advisory Board (although I knew nothing about this acquisition beforehand) and 2) I caught Rick at the end of a long day and tried to get him to talk about some recent customer data but neither of us could remember the reference. I was hoping he’d tell me more about this successful roll out of the 2net ecosystem in Northern Arizona, which is well worth a read. Meanwhile for more on Qualcomm & Capsule, watch the interview.