The World In 2016: Health Care Edition

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We’re taking your predictions for what 2016 will hold in store for health care.  A President named Trump? The much-rumored Uber for Healthcare? The end of Meaningful Use? The beginning of the ACO era?  New incentive payments? New penalties?  Something else nobody has thought of yet?

You’re invited to a special online event hosted by athenahealth’s COO Ed Park (no he’s not his bro Todd whatever HIStalk may think), on Tuesday September 15, 2015 at noon.  With a program created with doctors in mind, this is one event you won’t want to miss.  Ed will talk about what 2016 is likely to bring for doctors, what probably won’t happen (despite what the skeptics say)  and how health information technology is rapidly evolving to meet a new generation of pressing challenges.  You’ll also get a rare insider’s look at athenahealth’s plans for 2016, including rumored new products and the company’s plans for expansion in the competitive electronic medical records space. If you track this much-talked about health IT company and its CEO Jonathan Bush and the broader health IT industry, you’ll want to be sure to mark your calendar.

The Wisdom of the Blog

Meanwhile, we want to know what THCB readers think is ahead in 2016. What do you expect to see? What’s next for Obamacare?  What new technologies are poised to change everything? More importantly: What won’t we see?   If you have a prediction for 2016, e-mail the editors at editor@thehealthcareblog.com or use the contact form at the top of the page. Write us a brief blog post. Submissions should be between 300 and 500 words in length.  Tell us what you think will happen and why it’s important. Strong submissions will be published on THCB.   

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