ACA Database: I’m In Hell. Long-term Facilities Are Cutting Services Due to the ACA’s Reimbursement Changes

Anonymous writes:

Currently nursing homes are dumping vent patients,and respiratory services due to reimbursement dollars. The home I will be removed from at the end of the month has succeeded in removing respiratory services and sending residents against their will to other facilities. This has begun. Staffing has been minimal due to inhospitable working conditions. Imagine your bill being thousands of dollars a month and lying in feces for hours waiting for one aide to get to you, who has 45 other patients. The mission statements all so wonderfully worded to make you feel your loved one getting the best care possible. But these are just words not to be followed just a sales pitch. Their defense we can’t get staff! No wonder everything under disciplinary action you may not go home cause nobody is coming in to relieve you. Mgmt does not answer phones on their off hours to provide help or solutions but arrives monday to write up whom ever was involved.

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