Dan Burton explains what Health Catalyst does!

I’m steadily getting all those interviews I did 3+ months ago at HIMSS up onto THCB. (For those of you not paying attention we had a bunch of tech issues at THCB needing a big change and had to forswear videos for a while. But we’re baaack…)

Dan Burton is CEO of Health Catalyst which is a data warehousing and analytics company that’s seen remarkable growth by selling to big names like Kaiser, Partners & Allina. It’s raised over $150m and has even gone at risk with Allina over outcomes–to show how confident they are in their data and analytics. This is a very interesting interview about a company that’s at the crux of the world of clinical data management, with over $100m booked revenue in 2014.

Dan will also be interviewed at Health 2.0 this fall as one of our “3 CEOs”. (And FD Health Catalyst is a THCB sponsor, but as I tease Dan they’re also in the conference business themselves, running the Health Analytics Summit!)

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