Health System Conflict 101

Ok. You know the story. The work we do here at THCB would not be possible without the generous support of our corporate underwriters.  Like Castlight Health and Evolent, Health Catalyst are widely rumored to be bound for an IPO in the near future. They’re a really interesting company, with roots that go back to the fabled IT department at InterMountain Healthcare.  They’ve also been wonderful enough to sign on to support the community here at THCB as Flagship level sponsors. If you love what we do at THCB,  take a few minutes to show you support by taking a look at what they’re up to. Today’s free online session on adaptive leadership in a change of healthcare system conflict is a great introduction.

As you possibly may have noticed, there is a lot of conflict in healthcare. Doctors vs. Nurses. Patients vs. Doctors. Doctors vs. Computers. This online bootcamp will help you deal with it – or at least understand it – and should be required viewing for healthcare leaders, doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers. You will learn effective strategies for leading healthcare system change that will help address resistance to quality improvement, the drivers of negative attitudes, and the way to manage our own personal barriers to change. Well worth your time IMHO. Bring a friend. ; )

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