Something Completely Different

The Endless Page of Scroll Is Dead .. If you’re an observant reader you may have noticed that things are looking a little different around here. That’s because we’ve “upgraded” the site to a new version of WordPress (WordPress 4.2), a new theme, a responsive new layout and made a lots of other changes that will be appearing in your browser in the near future.

The big thing: from now on you’ll need to be a registered user to comment. The good news is that registering is insanely, mindbogglingly easy.* Click on the register link at the top of the page and give us a user name and a working e-mail.

You’ll be able to join in the online discussion on the site, submit blog posts to the editors for consideration, win cool stuff like tickets to live events in your area, get invites to exclusive THCB meet ups and networking events, send our editors press releases and announcements (if that’s your thing) and do other really fun and productive things that we haven’t thought of yet.

* On the other hand, this is the Internet and stuff breaks for mysterious reasons nobody really understands. If you have trouble registering, email us. We’ll set you up.

And needless to say: if nothing shows up, check your spam filter.

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