A Checklist For Surviving Academic Medicine

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  •  Decide who you are and don’t kid yourself
  •  Don’t bluff; the triple (quadruple) threat is an illusion
  • Know your subject; teaching is not a trick; you must have something real to transmit
  • Don’t replace substance with gimmicks (e.g. fancy powerpoint)
  • Simulated patients produce simulated doctors and de-professionalize students
  • Respect your teachers but don’t believe in the Days of the Giants; they have feet of clay
  • Don’t become “one of them.”
  • Develop a reputation beyond the local environment
  • Train people, but remember that some will not respect you (remember Bouchard)
  • Stand proudly for clinical excellence
  • Write briefly, simply and parsimoniously (remember Babinski)
  • Be a professional
  • Don’t be an asshole
  • Don’t bullshit

Abstracted from the “Academic Medicine Survival Guide” Martin Samuels, MD. The Health Care Blog. March 2015.

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