A User Interface Is Like a Joke

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  1. I agreed with Sean Kahn some device need to be explained to be better understood

  2. Hahah, excellent. I must say, you have always to explain things to users. It’s make the device use simple. If you take the case of a excellent PC like Asus ROG G501JW-CN188H with Windows 10 it’s smooth and great but last week a friend of mine ask me if I know how do mute the PC… So I think you must always provide a user manual as clear as possible..

  3. This is absolutely the truth. If only EHR programmers would spend more time playing computer games. Everything you need right there on one screen. “Buttons” that need to be big are big so they are easy to click on, “buttons” that are used infrequently are smaller. No drop down menus. Fast, responsive UI.
    Recently had to learn NextGen – wow, what a joke of a UI.

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