Help With Covered California

JOE wrote THCB with an interesting question that could be an outlier or could be significant:

Do you know of a consulting firm or advisory firm that can assist me in applying for insurance through Covered California? When I applied for insurance through the Covered California website, they gave me a list of places where I can get assistance. The phone numbers go to dead voice mail boxes or don’t work at all.  I am willing to pay for assistance from somebody that understands the system.

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  1. I would suggest before you make any health care insurance decisions that you take a look at a new very creative solution which offers the benefits of having a private health exchange “a concierge service” of 600 licensed brokers to assist you through the process of customizing your insurance plan (and assist you throughout the year) combined with the strategy of decreasing your ‘out of pocket’ expenses by having access to a telehealth program of nurses and doctors available to you 24/7 eliminating unnecessary doctors office or ER visit. It’s like getting a Costco card and having all the benefits of being a member.

  2. There are a few of private health care exchanges with websites that allow you to buy plans and get the same price and same government subsidies as on the covered california website. They all have consultants and insurance agents available for free to consult with you about which plan to buy and their customer experience is often better. Try eHealth.com, healthcare.COM, or others.