A Virtual Buddy System For Soldiers Returning From War

Kognito VA screen

A new online and mobile app released this week called Together Strong is helping U.S. veterans and service members learn what to say and do when a peer is struggling with post-deployment stress and readjustment to civilian life. Through interactive role-play conversations with 3D and emotionally responsive virtual humans, the user prepares to have real-life conversations that will motivate a friend to access help if needed, build resilience, and lead a healthier life. The app is available for free online and on iOS and Android.

Together Strong was developed by Kognito with the Veterans Affairs of NY/NJ Healthcare Network and extensive input from veterans and military personnel. Kognito creates immersive learning experiences that combine neuroscience and gaming technology to allow users to practice managing challenging conversations and drive meaningful and sustainable changes in health behaviors. Kognito’s simulations address important health and behavioral health topics, from chronic disease and childhood obesity to emotional wellbeing.

Kognito is the only company with digital simulations listed in the National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices. Recent Kognito releases include Change Talk, developed with the American Academy of Pediatrics to help pediatricians build motivational interviewing skills to drive changes in patients at risk for obesity.

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