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Kaiser Permanente Chairman and CEO to Keynote Health 2.0

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Announcing Wearables Health Tech Runway Show and New Companies, Panels, Sessions and Speakers!

Health 2.0 announces Bernard J. Tyson, Chairman and CEO of Kaiser Permanente, as a keynote alongside visionary physicians Eric TopolPatrick Soon-Shiong, and Samsung’s President Young Sohn at the Health 2.0 8th Annual Fall Conference this coming Sept. 21-24 in Santa Clara, CA. This year, Health 2.0 is set to host the very first Wearable Tech Fashion Runway as a part of the larger session on Consumer Tech & Wearables: Powering Healthy Lifestyles. The panel will also showcase data utility layer platforms from tech giants such as IntelQualcomm, WebMD, and Walgreens, which are working with these trackers to provide a complete consumer health solution. Once again,Health 2.0 leads the industry with never before seen technologies, panels, and discussions based on industry classifications of patient-provider communication, consumer facing products, professional facing products, and data analytics.

Health 2.0 8th Annual Fall Conference highlights include:

  • Consumer Tech & Wearables: The newest addition to the Health 2.0 agenda is The Wearable Tech Fashion Runway which features a multitude of wearable health tech in addition to data utility layer platforms from giants such as SamsungIntelQualcomm, WebMD and Walgreens.
  • Big Names, Big Issues, Big Solutions: Notable Industry leaders and companies bring their solutions and knowledge to tackle some of the most pressing issues within health care. Newly added to the agenda are Ryan Howard (Practice Fusion), Mike & Albert Lee (myfitnesspal), Kent Bradley (Safeway), Jonathan Bush (athenahealth), Girish Navani (eClinicalWorks), Andy Krackov (California Healthcare Foundation)Jacob Reider (ONC), Rajni Aneja (Humana)andDena Bravata, (Castlight Health). A special bonus feature includes ademo of the latest Samsung Electronics platform and product–SAMI and the SIMBand–with President Young Sohn interviewed by Indu Subaiya (Health 2.0).
  • Health care Data Analytics: This topic covers the volume, velocity, variety, veracity, and value of health care data and analytics. Highlights include genomics, non-invasive diagnosis tools, and integrated data collection to uncover new discoveries, personalize medicine, and develop new care protocols with speakers from IBM WatsonMerck, Predilytics, and many more.
  • Start-Ups, Entrepreneurship & Investors: This year, Health 2.0 is poised to offer new opportunities for start-ups and entrepreneurs during the fall conference. Traction: Health 2.0’s Start-Up Championship is the inaugural pitch contest enabling series A-ready start-ups to showcase their business plan in front of a judging panel of renowned venture capitalists. The Bootstrapped Basecamp will put the most innovative seed stage start-ups inside the Health 2.0 Exhibit Hall to be found by potential partners, investors and customers.

The 8th Annual Health 2.0 Conference showcases over 200 LIVE demos, 150+ speakers, and 50+ sessions across four full days with an extensive audience of 2,100+ health care professionals, health care and health tech executives, thought leaders, policy makers, and entrepreneurs. A multitude of never before seen technologies will be presented on stage,while the conference offers ground-breaking insights into the policy, tools, and solutions of new health care technology.

Registration information is available here. Prices for the conference are set to increase on Wed. 30th, July.  The full agenda of speakers and companies can be found on the main conference website here.

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    • Ohio: “…Kaiser has approximately 1,600 employees in the affected region. The health giant reportedly lost nearly $14 million in this year’s first quarter in the northeastern Ohio region, on top of nearly $60 million in red ink last year.”

      Texas: “..,At a state court hearing Tuesday in Austin, Department of Insurance lawyer Mary Keller testified that the state’s investigation was prompted by “alarm buttons” beginning in January 1996.

      Those included Kaiser’s dismal financial situation and about 20 wrongful-death lawsuits filed against Kaiser and its doctors. An agency official said the suits are still pending and have been filed over the last several years.”

      Georgia: “…Kaiser Permanente announced that it will align the Southern California region with the Georgia region, using a proven Kaiser Permanente practice in which a larger region helps enhance and accelerate a smaller region’s development and performance.” Having been associated with KP in the past, I know that when a Permanente group takes over another Permanente group, it means that the medical group was in financial trouble.

      The Georgia article also notes KP has 260,000 members in the greater Atlanta area, which has a population of over 5.5 million, meaning that KP has about a 5% market share — is this really a long-term viable position for a company that has been in business in Georgia for over 25+ years?

      Sufficient links?

  1. Yes, Mr. Tyson will be able to offer insight regarding:
    -How KP, in the late 1990s, had to close their Texas, North Carolina, and its Northeast operations,
    -How KP, in 2013, sold off its nationally-ranked Ohio region (ranked #10 in nation for commercial health insurance)
    -How KP has not been able to successfully expand to a new market or region in more than 25 years.

    You may get to hear a quote as:
    “Feedback, to me, is a gift. If you and I are on the same team, then I am totally dependent on you, and you are dependent on me. The feedback I’m giving is to help you be even more effective, and therefore the team will be more effective.” (NYT 11/9/2013)

    As it is said, giving is better than receiving.

    The rest of conference looks like fun.

    • “How KP has not been able to successfully expand to a new market or region in more than 25 years.”

      (now ex) CEO George Halvorson addressed that specifically and directly during his Keynote at NYeC last year. KP made a strategic decision to NOT pursue new market geographies, choosing to focus on serving their huge customer base as well as possible.

      • I am glad he told someone.

        Reviewing the slides for his NYeC, and for folks not cogniscent of Kaiser Permanente (KP), I would like to point out that:

        1. KP is actually 3 companies (short form – Kaiser Health Plan: the insurance, Kaiser Hospitals: the actual hospitals, and the Permanente medical groups: the medical staff) under one brand name of KP.
        2. The Permanentes are a separate company from Kaiser for each region and are these doctors are the ones responsible for most, if not all, of the medical magic cited in Halvorson’s deck.

      • “KP made a strategic decision to NOT pursue new market geographies, choosing to focus on serving their huge customer base as well as possible.”

        I work in KP Corporate. Let me say…HA! That was an excellent spin on complete business failures. Texas was facing a bunch of wrongful death lawsuits. Ohio was hemorrhaging money, and they could not have spun it off fast enough last year. GA just had a massive leadership shakeup, and they are trying to stabilize it. KP would love to be in more regions if they could actually be financially successful, lol.

  2. “Health 2.0 announces Bernard J. Tyson, Chairman and CEO of Kaiser Permanente, as a keynote alongside visionary physicians Eric Topol, Patrick Soon-Shiong, and Samsung’s President Young Sohn at the Health 2.0 8th Annual Fall Conference this coming Sept. 21-24”

    The corporate takeover of American health care is complete!

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