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The Health 2.0 Top 10 List

THCB and Health 2.0 are sister companies, but we don’t do too much cross promotion. Time to break that rule! With just five days left, Health 2.0 Co-Chairman & CEO Indu Subaiya shares her ‘Top 10 Reasons’ to love and attend Health 2.0’s 2012 Annual Fall Conference, October 7-10. It you haven’t registered yet and want to meet 1,500+ at the best health care meeting of the year do it here before we sell out!Matthew Holt


  1. SIX pre-conferences: Health Law 2.0Employers 2.0Research 2.0Doctors 2.0Patients 2.0, & iPharma.
  2. 23andMe will discuss the CureTogether acquisition and share the stage with Sproutel, the creators of the diabetic bear.
  3. Jillian Michaels (The Biggest Loser, Everyday Health) talks about the cross section of entertainment and health.
  4. We’ll be showcasing tools that automate doctors’ handwriting and do voice capture — all on mobile devices.
  5. Sensors for everything (movement, breathing, heart rate, and sleep) that are leading to clinical integration and impact!

  1. Eight brand new companies at Launch!. Castlight won here. Who’ll be next?
  2. First ever session with Twitter’s health care team on how to really understand consumers.
  3. A 21 year-old CEO & three research fellows share new models of care delivery.
  4. DJ Baron von Luxxury’s electro-delicious tunes at Patients 2.0‘s Shark TankBody 2.0, and more!
  5. Health 2.0 Co-Chairman Matthew Holt may show up in a skirt despite Indu’s plea not to!


  1. The HealthE Habits code-a-thon with AetnaathenahealthAT&THealthline, & Food Essentials.
  2. Body 2.0 – Finally a way to explain Health 2.0 to your dad and get him healthy!
  3. The Health 2.0 Developers World Cup with teams flying in from FukushimaShanghaiDelhiStockholmNew York CityWashington D.C., & Boston. $10K prize sponsored by Novartis!
  4. DC to VC HIT Startup Showcase where 13 startups will compete for seed or series A funding, live!
  5. An opportunity for startups to meet face to face with the biggest companies in health care at Matchpoint San Francisco.

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