Jeff Goldsmith on what’s next, post-SCOTUS

Hours after the SCOTUS verdict and about the same time as a feisty (and not too productive) shouting match on the NY Times site between Maggie Mahar & Michael Cannon with commentary from Bob Reich and “expert” Grace Marie Turner, a real health care expert dissected the future of health care.

Here’s Jeff Goldmsith‘s talk (done for Eliza with Queen Bee/Chairman & Chief Visionary Officer Alexandra Drane refereeing). And it’s excellent. (It also has a tad of rambling from me at the very end….). I suggest you spend a chunk of your Saturday morning listening to Jeff tell you more.


WEBINARVID from Leigh Eck on Vimeo.

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  1. I’m not sure what the New York Times video has to do with Goldsmith’s piece–or why you brought it up .

    But since you did, I agree that the Times video wasn’t nearly as productive as it should have been.

    The problem is that we were using the very new “Googleshack” techonology, and the Googleshack people emphasized that the moderator shouldn’t ask us questions, instead we should make it a free-flow discussion, jumping in and
    interrupting each other. The NYT’s editors urged us to do this– they were trying to do something different, and understandably, listened to the
    advice from Googleshack experts. (When we met to try out the technology, I expressed some concern that if we interrupted each other, we would sound rude.)

    Michael Cannon took the advice about interrupting each other to heart. (Since we did the video he has sent me two e-mail apologies. He is normally a pretty civilized person, but like many libertarians–and conservatives– that day, he was upset by the unexpected verdict.)

    Whenever I opened my mouth, he quickly interrupted me. (If he didn’t,
    Grace-Marie did.) And they just continued to talk over me,.

    It’s worth noting that they didn’t interrupt Reich. Michael admitted that this could be because Reich is a man– though he doesn’t like to think that was why. . More likely, he said it was because I’m a health care expert and Reich isn’t, and so it seemed fairer to attack me. (Though I thought Reich had a number of good things to say during the debate and could clearly hold his own in a debate wtih Cannon or Turner)

    Or, Michael suggested, perhaps they didn’t interrupt Reich because he is a former cabinet member, and so a senior statesman. (I think that was no doubt part of it.)

    In my case, I had two choices– stay quiet and let Grace Marie (who as you suggest is far from a heatlh care expert) and Michael take over the debate, with occasional comments from Reich— or keep talking and try to counter some of the fear-mongering that both Cannon & Turner were engaging in.

    I chose the latter course. The Times editors were very happy that I did this, though I still feel pretty uncomfortable about the video.

    Still don’t know why you brought it up.

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