The Strange Tale of NextGen and NextGen

There’s a conference styling itself as mini-TED for health care in New York next week. It’s called NextGen Health. There is of course a major EMR called NextGen Healthcare (owned by publicly traded QSII). You might imagine that there’s scope for some confusion between the two brand names, and you’d be right. But the tale of what’s transpired about that confusion is quite the melodrama. Read on and have your Friday chuckle.

Nextgen Health the conference is run by Ari Teman who also runs the Nextgen Charities conference. After he started planning the Nextgen Health conference, the other (bigger, richer, with the EMR) Nextgen asked him to stop using the same name and–when he refused–sued him for trademark infringement. Ho hum you say, happens every day. True, but then this gets more fun.

Saturday of last week, I got an email that was basically a press release saying that the CEO of QSI (the Nextgen EMR company) had been arrested that day for sending an emissary to conduct some kind of raid or home invasion on Ari Teman’s house. I paid attention partly because it was wacky news for the usually doudy EMR business and partly because I’d met Ari Teman at a function in NY the previous Monday. He’d invited himself to breakfast with me the next day where he told me lots about himself and how great his conference was going to be, and eventually asked for my & Health 2.0’s help in marketing it. You may suspect that meeting people who think their new thing is the greatest ever is not that unusual in my line of work, and you’d be right. So I took some of this with a grain of salt, but the line-up looked good and he had people I respect involved and so I agreed to look at a marketing deal.

Then the “press release” arrived about the “arrests” of QSI’s CEO, chief counsel, bottlewasher, dog and more, following the “raid” on Ari’s house while he was at the Aetna meeting at which I’d met him and I was speaking. The “release” was actually mostly a self-promotional piece for Ari and the conference (well, mostly about Ari who you may not realize is a “Jewish Federations of North America’s Jewish Community Hero of the Year“).

I did what any self-respecting lazy blogger would do and sent it to a real HIT industry gossip queen/journalist (Inga@HISTalk) to run down the truth. And the truth was, no arrests, but pretty soon afterwards QSI (the NextGen EMR company) got a real temporary restraining order against Ari stopping him spreading the story of the “arrests”.

At this point several people & organizations involved with aspects of the conference including the a couple of respected NYC-based organizations and consultants pulled out. (And I, THCB and Health 2.0 did not, ahem, follow up on our vague joint marketing proposal).

Undaunted Ari pushed ahead and put out a press release saying that communications giant Edelman (via its well known digital health media personality Shwen Gwee) was now “enabling” 150 small companies to exhibit. I connected with Shwen who was pretty perplexed by this. He told me that Ari called him, asked him for help, and told him other organizations were supporting (when in fact they’d pulled out). Instead of sending Shwen more details as Shwen thought was the next step, Ari sent out the press release with Edelman’s name on it.

I remain more than a bit puzzled. Is this just all a big ruse to publicize a conference? Are the speakers (including famous tweeting mayor of Newark, NJ, Cory Booker) really showing up? Is the mHealth morning the next day going ahead without the people who organized it? Will the exhibit hall–at which apparently you can exhibit for the price of a ticket only–be teeming, or empty?

It’s certainly an unusual tale for the often colorless conference business, even if it’s not the way I’d usually do things. On the other hand, knowing as I do how hard it can be to run a successful conference, there’s a teeny piece of me secretly admiring Ari Teman for his chutzpah in doing absolutely whatever it takes to make his conference, at the least, newsworthy. I have to admit, it would almost be worth going along just to see what happens–and you can’t say that about many conferences.

And of course there’s a few people (including me) interested not just in the conference but in the April court date when the real truth about that restraining order, the home invasion, the trademark et al should come out!

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  1. Ari Teman is little more than a self-promoting, untrustworthy scam artist. Most of the NYC Jewish community know this, and view him as a joke. His unprofessional conduct here and elsewhere bear this out. A good name is better than good oil. Someone didn’t get the memo.

  2. This was one of the funniest comment threads I have read in my entire life. Thank you.

  3. I am confused what is this article about? Someone at Nextgen being unethical. Is that a surprise? Is that a surprise within the tech industry in general that seems to attract sociopaths? I had my resume floated all over that place because of my GPA and graduate research on privacy of electronic health information by some HR person who worked at some agency and now acts as if he was a doctor although mostly everyone seemed unprofessional and was treated poorly by everyone. Not the type of people you would expect working in health care at all. I had phone screens where people called 50 minutes late, was put in a room with kids 20 years younger deciding if they wanted to work with me, and bombed with questions by some Indians waiting for me to not know something they just read or learned while on the job. I can see why the healthcare field is as popular as the big banks are.

  4. Wow, a regional VP and four other people nobody’s heard of! Yeah, you totally beat the head of the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation. Whooo!

    Is that the music Yanni uses to go to sleep?

    I have to go stick my finger in a socket just to get my heart to restart your video was that boring. What version of iMovie did you make that crap in?

    Please stop. Just stop doing what you’re doing. It’s bad for everyone. It sucks. It really really sucks.

  5. Tom, having run several of these conferences by now, you must be very disappointed not to be sued by QSI. surely Ari can at least help you in that regard!

  6. Another anonymous poster! What a blog.

    I’m sorry you felt that paying $100 and getting: a free booth (that cost $160 to print), a $650 ticket, and access to “barely” 200 people including leaders of top companies was “a sham”.

    Most of the exhibitors were there on Day 2 AND at the end of Day 1, so that’s a false claim by an anonymous poster. Yes, we did herd people out of the hallway, true, because the hallway was right outside the theater and if you made noise it’d disrupt the show. Plus, we did want you to experience those “quite good” presentations, sorry for forcing you to suffer so much. Feel free to email me for a full refund on your $100. We’ll gladly give it.

  7. Hats off to you all for contributing to such a hugely entertaining thread, my commute flew by!
    For fear of muddying the water further with yet another “NextGen” healthcare event I’d like to bring up http://www.nghealthcaresummit.com. Although I can’t promise comedians or anti-Semitism I can guarantee top HCO represented at a corporate level.

    All law suits are welcome

  8. Funny how I don’t know a “Frank B”. Certainly one with spelling issues. How about you grow a pair and put your full name? Yet, strangely here comes the Jewish thing again.

  9. This guy Ari should call himself a clown, not a comedian. Every time I’ve seen him, he’s trying to run some scam to bilk people out of money for one of his “charities”. He’s a nasty, petty man who doesn’t care about anyone but himself. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen him attack other people without provocation and them cry that he’s the victim because he’s running a charity, he’s a clean commedian, he’s Jewish or some other BS. I’m Jewish, and this guy is a total disgrace. I hope he is exposed for the fraud he is. If you want to see something about his character, check out the wikipedia page he created for himself. What a baffoon.

  10. Meow – a cat fight!

    I didn’t see this until today and thought it was the best stealth marketing plan ever!

  11. What a sham. Barely 200 people showed up for the first day . Ari and his volunteers needed to herd people into their seats like cattle so the photographers could get shots of a seemingly “full” theater. The exhibit space and organization was a joke–most exhibitors packed up and left after lunch. Several of the presentions were quite good (Mayo and MIT) while others were totally out of left field. By the end of the first day there were fewer than 80 people in the room–not sure about the second day–I simply couldn’t justify the time.

  12. It’s a classic TV commercial for Secret Deoderant: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oka6GGf1_aE

    “Strong enough for a man, Ph balanced for a woman.”

    Did a man claiming to be a dead circus ringleader just question my sanity? Who reads this blog? No thanks on any forthcoming offer of free tickets to health 2.0.

  13. Hello Mr. Teman,

    First, I would like to congratulate you wholeheartedly on your boldness in calling out antisemitic puppets like Mr. Holt.

    Second, I was wondering if you could explain what you meant by “And keep keeping Secret deodorant balanced for women.” in your response to PH? Lacking proper context, a statement like this leads one to believe that the person making it is slightly unbalanced.



  14. Why I’m Fighting So Damn Hard

    There are plenty of innovation-in-healthcare and “health IT” conferences. The problem for most patients however, isn’t that we’re not in 2050, it’s that we’re not in 2012. On a good day, we’re in 1950. Maybe 1850.

    Let’s survey the scene.

    Healthcare is the only industry still transferring notes on pen and paper. The person taking your orders at McDonalds has a touch-screen. The teenager at Old Navy has a wireless headset. Heck, every teenager has a wireless, touch screen headset! It’s 2012!

    Hospitals have a 1-in-5 shot of causing a preventable error. Twenty percent of people who walk into a hospital are going to be injured, infected, or killed by accident. If Delta made that many mistakes, you’d see planes falling from the sky every three minutes. Worse than Delta!? It’s gotten to the point where the hospital is the most dangerous place you can be short of jumping into a woodchipper. They should put up signs: Warning: If you’ve been to a hospital, head immediately to a hospital.

    The systems they do use are ass-backwards, too. And there’s no excuse. HIPAA? Privacy Laws? I don’t see Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley that far behind on having everyone wired and identified. They don’t lose printers, hospitals lose patients.

    Oh yeah, we forgot about those things: patients. The reason we built the hospital in the first place.

    Doctors don’t talk to patients, and don’t seem to care. The common retort to this is, “they’re not paid for results, just procedures.” I don’t believe that’s the reason — What kind of jerk wouldn’t talk to a sick patient and reassure them?

    The kind we’re recruiting to be doctors — it’s not that they don’t want to, they don’t know how. They’re socially inept. We need to stop recruiting wonks, walking computers and encyclopedias. As we said, every teenager has one of those in their pocket (and they are excited to see you). We need doctors who LIKE people, who care about people, full and complete people, not just the part of people covered by their malpractice insurance and payment plan. We need to start changing who we recruit — we can train them to be doctors. We can give them iPads that help. We’re recruiting too many socially inept wonks devoid of emotional intelligence and common sense. As medicine becomes increasingly a team-sport, that doesn’t compute. (See how I turned it wonkish for ya’ll?)

    CME, Continuing Medical Education is a joke. Sixty five percent of it is funded by pharmaceutical or device companies. Now, I love pharma — I’m alive because of their innovations — but we cannot honestly say CME is unbiased when 65% is paid for by the people selling drugs and devices. We need to remove that bias. Moreover, CME sucks — it’s incredibly boring, but there’s no incentive to change it, because it’s free and doctors cant demand better as easily when they’re getting it for free. We need to require doctors to pay for it, and to attend it live or on video. Reading a journal article isn’t going to give anyone a memorable experience. By bringing consumerism and a market into CME we’ll increase the quality of the content and doctors will choose to attend the better courses. Then, they’ll actually stay up-to-date and health care may join the year 2012. I created NextGen:Health to solve the problem that CME was so boring that doctors skip out on the sessions and don’t learn anything! The best ideas aren’t spreading.

    There are no simple solutions, and the above don’t put a scratch or dent into the problems facing healthcare. We need other, bold, simple moves such as enabling ERs to refuse to treat uninsured non-emergencies, “Sorry, no free healthcare on us. There’s a pay clinic across the street.” A hospital is not a clinic and should refuse to be one. The lives of the hospital and those it helps depend on it.

    So that’s why NextGen:Health 2012 is taking place. We’re not here to talk about what could be, but what already is working somewhere. We’re here to highlight best ideas and spread them around. We have the best minds in the world who are tired of the present, because it’s stuck far in the past. The time for now is NOW.

    And so I’ll take all the fighting and attacks, because there is too much inertia. And I’ll fight the billion dollar companies, and the pay-for-play conferences, and the established businesses that quash upstarts for fear of losing their footholds.I’m not doing this only because it’s right, I’m doing this because I’m a patient, and, yeah, that hospital was built for us.

    “If I am not for myself, who is for me? If I am only for myself, then who am I? If not now, when?” – Hillel the Elder

    Join me at NextGen:Health 2012: http://nextgenwell.com/apply/?dCode=ari12

    Ari Teman
    founder, curator
    NextGen:Health / 12gurus:Health

    p.s. Matthew, I hope you’ll give me the credit of making this it’s own blog post given the attention you’ve given to NextGen v NextGen ( http://nextgenisubiquitous.com )

  15. Ah yes, the woman who is not invited back to NextGen:Charity because she insisted on sitting in the “Corporate Philanthropists” roundtable when she is not a corporate philanthropist. Everyone else who got up nicely is welcome back and isn’t commenting. I’d add that a quick view of your website indicates either you haven’t accomplished anything, or you haven’t found a way to display it respectfully. Did you really wander onto a healthcare site for revenge? I don’t see how your non-functioning, unremarkable, also-ran nonprofit coincides with a healthcare blog besides also being led a selfish, immature schoolhouse bully.

  16. Looks like the whole world is picking on Ari again! Can’t say I’m surprised! He’s one of those guys everyone enjoys picking on because he treats everyone with so little respect.
    I was at the NextGen Charity event 11/11 and was appalled at how Ari treated the attendees.
    I guess he’s never learned that to receive respect, one has to be respectable!

  17. Wow – that’d mark the first time Health 2.0 had input from medical professionals instead of people pushing devices or pharma. A reminder to all that this blog post is sponsored by GE, imagination at work!

    Thanks again for the backhanded compliment! Your true colors burst through like a ray of sunshine.

    And Matt invites people to breakfast and then doesn’t take the bill. Jackass. Lois, to her credit, picked it up. Maybe I need to help Matthew with his page views, poor guy.

  18. Wow- a dozen or so short comments all propping up Ari all coming in a span of less than 30 mins. Surely no connection to Ari’s group in the Philippines that he told me works on hacking lists and spamming social media lists?

    Well at least he’s boosting THCB’s page views!

    This is really all too amusing.

    Unless of course you’re concerned for Ari’s mental health which a couple of medical professionals who have been in touch with me are. So after this I’m going to stop commenting here and let Ari hopefully make it through his conference and his court case all in tact and in good health.

  19. “I’m with Teman on this one. He’s a good kid who’s putting on a GREAT conference — Holt has never given us such a lineup — and he’s fighting against the system. It’s time we grew a pair and stood by him.”

  20. All this did was make me more interested than I already was! Cant wait for what Im calling the “Teman” experience… Should be a fun ride!

  21. i gotta go with Teman on this. bravo to you for standing up for yourself. And if doing so helps put the word out about your conference then who cares you gotta do what you gotta do.

  22. Matthew Holt clearly has some jealousy against Ari Teman, who has put on a game changing and well received conference only to be attacked over a nonesense trademark claim by a greedy company. Holt is being an ass, as per usual, and unwarrantedly pompous, as per usual

  23. I’m definitely getting a ticket to NextGen:Health for Thursday and Friday. This Teman kid has real energy and,as Matthew said, chutzpa. Just what health care needs.

  24. “I’m with Teman on this one. He’s a good kid who’s putting on a GREAT conference — Holt has never given us such a lineup — and he’s fighting against the system. It’s time we grew a pair and stood by him.”

  25. I’m definitely getting a ticket to NextGen:Health for Thursday and Friday. This Teman kid has real energy and,as Matthew said, chutzpa. Just what health care needs

  26. One should do nothing other than agree with Ari Teman here. It has been a fantastic piece of work from him thus far and Holt, being himself, can only envy Teman on his accomplishment. I wish Teman all the luck in this world.

  27. Matthew Holt clearly has some jealousy against Ari Teman, who has put on a game changing and well received conference only to be attacked over a nonesense trademark claim by a greedy company. Holt is being an ass, as per usual, and unwarrantedly pompous, as per usual

  28. This is just another case of the insanity and sue-happy culture in America today. Holt is just a big bully who’s afraid of the competition. Teman is clearly in the rights in this situation.

  29. Great work by Ari Teman. He is definitely doing well. This is a real time to stand with him.

  30. “Matthew Holt has every reason to see Ari Teman with jealousy, who had received a game changing conference only to be attacked over a nonesense trademark claim by a greedy company. Holt is being stupid as usual as he is growing greey against Ari Teman “

  31. “I’m definitely getting a ticket to NextGen:Health for Thursday and Friday. This Teman kid has real energy and,as Matthew said, chutzpa. Just what health care needs.”

  32. I’m with Teman on this one. He’s a good kid who’s putting on a GREAT conference — Holt has never given us such a lineup — and he’s fighting against the system. It’s time we grew a pair and stood by him.

  33. I’m definitely getting a ticket to NextGen:Health for Thursday and Friday. This Teman kid has real energy and,as Matthew said, chutzpa. Just what health care needs.

  34. “Regardless of what the facts are” Ha! Yay for another anonymous poster (Lois? Bunny?)! I wonder who doesn’t care “what the facts are.”

    (Tip: The facts would make her look bad for (a) failing to draw a crowd with a lame lineup and (b) stabbing a “friend” in the back.)

    I’d bet it’s Bunny since Lois has better command of the English language.

    The anonymous poster fails to mention Lois and Bunny’s dismal numbers in bringing in people for their session — which has since ramped way up since I got rid of them. Matthew Holt, who we can all agree is a physical specimen of Health 2.0 (ha!), is the one who went ad hominem (check your definitions, anonymous poster, it will help your spelling!). Business is business.

  35. Interesting timing of events

    Here’s some documents for those who are interested

    2/14/2012 Nextgen EMR files suit agains Nextgen conference

    Sometime around 3/11-14 this “press release” by Ari email was sent to some of his email lists

    By the end of that week his previously favorite “sponsor friends” had dropped out or were fired by him?

    Regardless of what the facts are of these dramatic weeks, I find it unprofessional and unecessary for Ari to ad hominen attack the people mentioned above. Insulting others and burning bridges.

  36. PH, if you’re that bored, come to NextGen:Health. We’re going to fix the boredom. http://nextgenhealth.com/s/agenda.php?dCode=ari12

    There will even be puppets… not “puppets” in the meaning of, “Company X pays Matthew Holt to have Company X Executive speak, making Matthew Holt a puppet of Company X”, actual puppets that work by having people stick their hand up their…ok so maybe Matthew Holt qualifies.

    The link again is: http://nextgenhealth.com/s/agenda.php?dCode=ari12

    And if your boss won’t cover the ticket ari [at] nextgenhealth.com and I’ll cover it. Boredom is a terrible disease.

    PH, keep sending the link around — we’re selling tickets (Thanks Matthew!). And keep keeping Secret deodorant balanced for women.

  37. I can’t thank you all enough for the entertainment of this blog post and comments. I am a CMIO working on a very challenging project to make patient care safer in a complex medical environment and rarely…. very rarely get the opportunity to laugh out loud reading something even remotely related to my work….thank you VERY much for my chuckles and for all the chuckles my peers will have when I send this link to them!!!

  38. Just to add another wrinkle, there’s another conference (which I actually thought you were referencing when I clicked through to this post) called HealthTech NextGeneration: http://healthtechnextgen.com/healthtech/

    They were actually originally called HealthTech NextGen, and I suggested they be careful using that name. I wasn’t worried about the trademark issue since as Ari says they likely don’t have it for conferences, but mostly so you don’t confuse attendees that might think it’s a conference for NextGen as opposed to something quite different: Next Generation technologies.

    Another reminder why I shouldn’t plan a conference, as tempting as that is to me.

  39. ” Of course, your business not mine” . You’re the one who decided to blog about this, getting almost all the facts and spellings incorrect while making a comment about my Jewishness.

    People who begin their paragraphs and statements with “ha ha ha” are usually uncomfortable. Perhaps because you realize you’re destined for the dustbin of history like all antisemites who came before you.

    I give people a better conference for over $1000 less than you and don’t take bribes for people to speak. We’ll see where we are in a few years.

  40. Ha ha ha ha…..
    sorry that I missed the White House “honor”. I’m sure the President will call me to set me straight. I was merely fooled by the line that says “A comedian by trade, Teman is founder of NextGen:Charity and NextGen:Health conferences and was named Jewish Federations of North America’s Jewish Community Hero of the Year” Clearly I should have focused on the “comedian” part. I assume Stephen Fry was scared of working with you because you were so much funnier than he was. Either way I find you and this whole thing absolutely hysterical! But perhaps that makes me an anti-comedite? Dont start me about dentists….

    But as the note I pulled about Drapin was on the web site this afternoon, and the downloadeable agenda still has them and Startup health on it. So you should perhaps spend less time on the rather edgy comedy here, and a bit more time keeping your conference web site up to date. Of course, your business not mine 🙂

  41. Right. Unlinkable name “David” claiming to be an attorney involved in this matter.

    Right. He starts out “Hi.”

    Who the fuck do you think you’re fooling? Seriously?

  42. You’ll notice Bunny and Lois’ names and logos were removed long ago.
    Good job finding an outdated paragraph 20 inches down on a page. It’s removed.

    You, Matthew, didn’t mention the White House honor, or any other, just the Jewish thing. You focused on the Jewish thing. I’ll share that and Lois’ emails about religion with press and they can decide who is antisemitic.

  43. Ha ha ha ha ha ha…..so now we have the corollary of Godwin’s law (that one about how long an online discussion lasts before someone accuses someone else of being a Nazi), in that Ari lasts all of three/four comments before accusing, well basically everyone, of being an anti-semite for quoting a press release that he himself wrote! Which I think means that he must be an anti-semite too…which is kind of an odd position for someone with his, err, credentials in the Jewish community.

    While that;s all fun and games, it’s a little odd that Ari is so disparaging of people who he is still recognizing as co-promoters on his website–even though he “fired” them, seconds before they quit–apparently.

    This is pulled from this page http://nextgenhealth.com/s/agenda.php?dCode= at 4.46pm PST
    “NYC Health Business Leaders and Lois Drapin of The Drapin Group present a symposium to discuss and debate mobile health (mHealth), particularly its role in improving healthcare delivery and influencing better outcomes. “

  44. Ah, the bravery and nobility of someone who calls themselves, “Anonymous.”

    Do I sense an hint of antisemitism with all the cracks at the “Jewish hero” bit? Strange place to stop quoting, too. Drapin is vocally anti-religious and anti-Judaism…makes me wonder…

    Funny religion to knock in the healthcare space given our contributions. Polio vaccine? Cognitive Therapy? Matt, that beloved treatment for syphilis?

    How about almost every field of medicine: http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/judaica/ejud_0002_0013_0_13493.html

    Let’s leave the antisemitism and Jew-hating for those who can’t read, not just for those who can’t program an interesting conference.


  45. Ha ha ha. Like I said, Ari will clearly say anything to promote his conference. And like I said, I have a sneaking admiration for his chutzpah.

    On the other hand its a bit odd that the people who he was working with who he was so complimentary about at that breakfast suddenly became the worst people in the world and were “fired” when they asked about the relationship with QSII, the “arrests” etc. and decided to stop working with Ari

    And it’s pretty unusual for both Ari and his “lawyer” “David” to share the same IP address…

    As for myself I’m very interested to know which precinct the QSI execs were booked into and who they had to share their cells with…which judging by my watching of CSI is the usual consequence of an arrest

    Of course I myself am looking forward to the tattooing….and to how Ari is going to have his audience “vote” on that

    …oh, far too much fun for a Friday afternoon

  46. The release in question, for your reading pleasure …

    > ———- Forwarded message ———-
    > From: 311 Health News Group
    > Date: Sun, Mar 11, 2012 at 11:27 AM
    > Subject: ALERT: Major Health CEO Arrested Felony Charges. Trespass, Burglary, Harassment.
    > To: redacted address
    > Having trouble viewing this email? Click here
    > David v. Goliath: QualitySystems, Inc (NASDAQ: QSII) CEO Arrested with Felony Charges. Company attempting to burglarize and harass ‘Jewish Hero’ and health care innovation conference founder.
    > Health Technology Systems CEO, executives and legal team arrested for Criminal liability for conduct of another, Criminal Impersonation in the First Degree, Criminal Trespass in the Third Degree, and Burglary in the Third Degree
    > 3/11/12 New York, NY — Early on Saturday, publically traded QualitySystems, Inc’s NextGen Healthcare Information Services (A division of NASDAQ: QSII) CEO Scott Decker and General Counsil Bob Ellis were arrested for multiple crimes including felonies after alledgedly hiring an individual to illegally impersonate a government officer and attempt to gain access to the home of charity founder and past White House and Bloomberg honoree Ari Teman.
    > At the time of the alleged crimes the victim, Teman was at an Aetna health care event with newly-appointed CTO of the United States Todd Park, then CTO of the Department of Health and Human Services discussing the upcoming NextGen:Health Conference. A comedian by trade, Teman is founder of NextGen:Charity and NextGen:Health conferences and was named Jewish Federations of North America’s Jewish Community Hero of the Year for founding the JCorps International volunteer network.
    > QualitySystems, Inc

  47. Matt,

    1. Publish my response.
    2. People can come to the conference and enjoy top doctors, live music, and great demos at: http://nextgenhealth.com/?dCode=ari12
    3. And come to the court date. Courtroom 18C, 500 Pearl Street NY. I’ve been beating this public company for 7 months and I’m going to win.


  48. Hi,
    I’m an attorney representing 12gurus, which owns NextGen:Health. You must remove false statements saying they got a restraining order against Mr. Teman for spreading stories of the arest. According to the Federal Court Documents, which you have publicaly available (11civ1128), the executives of QSII were in-fact placed under citizens arrest in the State of New York, which is the legal process where an attorney or citizen (in this case, both) are made aware of a felony, such as impersonating a police officer and attempting to illegally enter a residence. You must amend your article to notice that the executives of QSII were placed under arrest via the citizens arrest process of the NY Penal Code.

  49. 1. How about some accuracy? Our conferences are called “NextGen:Charity” and “NextGen:Health” and have have 5200 people register for them in 2 years and had videos seen by over 400,000 people. Check out http://nextgencharity.com and click on someone for a free video. Of course, click on http://nextgenhealth.com/?dCode=ari12 for a ticket for Thurday’s event.

    2. There you go again…Accuracy please: I was invited by you and Lois Drapin to the Breakfast. I had a tea and offered to pay for the whole thing. I learned Lois Drapin was taking money from one of the planned panelists, so Lois Drapin is no longer welcome to produce. We have a strict rule against pay-to-play presenters at NextGen:Charity and NextGen:Health. NYCHBL brought in less than 10 people and there’s no reason to let someone who draws 10 people have an entire Broadway theater. Nobody wanted to see what Bunny was producing — or ever does. She’s the worst part of NYCHBL and should just shut her nasally voice and mind-numbingly boring panels and let people meet.

    3. “NextGen(R) Healthcare Information Systems Inc.” is their name, not what you say it is, and their trademark is LIMITED to computer systems for electronic medical records and consulting on computer systems for electronic medical records. We are a conference and events company. They just want the domain.

    4. They did NOT get a restraining order against me other than to spread “blatantly false claims”, which I never did. They were TRYING to get an injuction against me using the name “NextGen:Health” and the judge denied this. They WERE placed under citizen’s arrest in accordance with NY State Penal Code, as was recorded by the Federal Court Reporter — feel free to request a copy with the Southern District’s Federal Court Reporters.

    5. Shwen offered to promote the #DemoFair ( http://nextgenhealth.com/s/demofair.php?dCode=demofair12 ) and I offered to give his co free mention as a result. I misunderstood the “ok” at the end of the call and so I stopped promoting “Edelman” in our mailings anymore although I still appreciate him spreading the word. Another Edelman person is speaking at NextGen:Charity on April 2 in Vancouver.

    6. You not following up on your word is cool. We’re drawing an amazing international crowd and will have a great event. That people won’t find boring.

    7. As I recall from the Aetna event, where I was while QSII was sending someone to attempt to enter my apartment, you may have been “talking” but I didn’t see many people listening.

    I’ll make this guarantee: Come to my broadway theater, and if it’s not less boring than Bunny’s or Holt’s hotel (yawn) events I’ll give you a free ticket to next year and get a henna tattoo of Matthew Holt’s face on my bum. I get to choose which way his mouth faces.

    I will fix healthcare conferences. That means I’m saying they’re broken.
    Ari Teman
    founder, 12gurus NextGen:Health