AHIP Video Series: Brainshark


Health 2.0 and THCB had the chance to catch up with Thomas Raleigh, VP of Brainshark‘s Healthcare Business Unit. In addition to having one of the coolest names in the industry, Brainshark is helping healthcare professionals improve their communications, reach mobile employees and save millions of dollars. Through Brainshark’s technology, users can rapidly create video presentations with simple tools they’re already familiar with like PowerPoint and their own phone. In this AHIP video, Raleigh shares Brainshark success stories with groups like BCBSF, Nova Biomedical, AHIP, CIGNA, Gorman Health Group etc. and discusses the platform’s role in capturing healthcare trends. You’ll also hear how Brainshark is improving the visibility of wellness programs, why it’s going “unplatformed” and much more.

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