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Interview: Insurance exchanges, ACOs? ACS tells you how…

We’ve been digging under the hood a little of Xerox since (much to my surprise) they started sponsoring THCB recently. The reason Xerox cares about health care is related to their purchase of ACS a couple of years back. ACS was best known for government (mostly Medicaid) claims processing but they also had a whole lot of other technologies and capabilities. One of those is actually running the Health Insurance Exchanges that are going to be in every state (or imposed on the states in 2013 if they’re not ready). Another ACS capability is working with incipient ACOs, or providers that backdoor into ACOs via Medicare Advantage or direct deals with private plans.

Last month I spoke with Michael Sandwith who runs Market Management at ACS. Why should a state or a provider use ACS to put the systems together to run health information exchanges or ACO information capture and management systems? Mike’s logic is simple–because they’ve done it before. They’re operating 7 state HIEs already and aren’t just bringing Powerpoint. And can ACOs work given the failure of PHOs in the 1990s? It all depends if we can independently manage the physicians within the system–i.e. don’t let the hospital management screw it up! Here’s the full video interview of someone who’s been there in two of the bigger health care IT challenges of the day.


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