Matthew Holt

Maybe there really is mobile health after all

OK, I’m kidding–but Ford Motor Co is excited enough about its new collaboration with WellDoc that it wanted to fly me to Detroit to take a look at it. (I declined–perhaps they should move their headquarters to San Tropez). Welldoc is a pretty interesting Web & iPhone based diabetes management tool (here’s a interview video I did with CSO Chris Bergstrom last February). Now Ford has put it in the car. Apparently they believe that it’ll interact with pollen counts and automatically turn on the AC (or at least this is what the “Wheels” blogger on the NYTimes took away from the meeting). But what is interesting is that they’ve integrated the speech to text version of Ford’s Sync–which is the internal bluetooth system that allows people to talk to their car. It’s experimental, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see this in many more cars–at least by the time I buy my next new one in 2024.

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