Health 2.0 Advisors at Tiecon 11

At Health 2.0 Advisors we not only scan and analyze the healthcare innovation landscape incessantly, we also share our thoughts and insights with clients and at conferences at times. On that note, on May 13 at 10am I will be moderating a panel on cloud-computing in healthcare at Tiecon 2011. It is the first panel right after the ‘interesting’ Steve Case speaks – Marissa Meyer from Google closes on Saturday evening.

Cloud-computing is one of the topics that Health 2.0 Advisors will start sharing more perspective on in public this year, in addition to unplatforms/mobile, analytics, and care delivery innovation. What these topics all have in common is that they are forces rapidly changing the healthcare landscape (competitive landscape, business models, patient-provider dynamics, other) and companies are grappling where they all fit in with their strategies and business realities.

This Tiecon 2011 panel is a good reflection of that: cloud-based EMR-systems where a novelty 18 months ago, but the number of companies offering them (stand-alone or embedded in e.g. a practice management suite), has exploded since. But cloud-computing goes far beyond EMRs of course. That is why the panel will cover a range of experiences, struggles, and expectations for the future of the cloud from large (IBM, Kaiser Pemanente) and small – but rapidly growing (Practice Fusion, CareCloud) – companies that have cloud-computing in their DNA.

Marco Smit is President of Health 2.0 Advisors, the market intelligence arm of the Health 2.0 family.

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  1. Great article from the Economist on “cloud” based health IT:


    “Gartner, a technology consultancy, observes in a recent report that tech firms are rushing to rebrand their products with the latest “cloud” buzzword, “whether they actually are cloud offerings or not.” The danger is that America’s health services have foisted upon them whatever the industry has to sell, rather than what is needed.”

    Isn’t Kaiser one of the world’s biggest Citrix customers (http://citrix.com/English/NE/news/news.asp?newsID=10159)? Not too cloudy…

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