The evolution of THCB

It’s been a couple of months since we moved THCB to WordPress and added the channels you see at the top. As you may have noticed there have been some teething troubles, and for all its power WordPress does have some problems. We’re still working on fixing the right hand columns. However, we’re able to do some things that we couldn’t before–including this little mini-blog microbrew that allows me (Matthew) to write little pieces that I like without having to write enough for a whole post. WordPress also does much better on spam trapping;I literally just went through 1,000 spam comments and only 3 were false positives. If youve had problems posting comments try taking OUT any links (that tends to trigger the spam filter).

But overall you can expect more and better from THCB in the coming weeks…and we’ll be keeping you updated.

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  1. It seems to be a problem when the topic titles are very long or if they contain illegal http characters (such as in “The RUC’s Defense”. (I don’t believe that the apostrophe is a valid character for an HTTP address.)

  2. Mark. I apologize. We are battling an intractable WordPress bug that randomly kills the link to full posts. We are trying to deal with the source of the problem but it happens to some but not all posts and we dont know which until we publish. We just would beg that if you see this happen please shoot an email to john@thehealthcareblog.com

  3. I’m still getting frequent errors where links don’t work. I end up with a 404 not found message on links from the RSS feed and also on links on the site itself. The latest is “The RUC defense”.