THCB Live: Betty Otter-Nickerson, President, Sage Healthcare

Matthew Holt caught up with Sage Healthcare President Betty Otter-Nickerson at HIMSS to talk about the company’s plans for 2011 and beyond.

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  1. Betty Otter-Nickerson may have changed the company around but she has forgotten about the existing clients who still need help. Support has gone back to the way it was with Medical Manager. On a scale of 1 to 10 they get -3. For returning phone calls they get -3. We are extremely unhappy. You can’t get anyone to call you back or answer your questions.

  2. Sage has really turned itself around in the last year, clearly due to the new leadership. Otter-Nickerson must have a great team working with her, making all the right moves and addressing physician needs and wants. There are still many unknowns and she’s right with all the confusion about Meaningful Use and MDs and others not understanding how they can get the government payments for converting to electronic health records. Keep up the great work, Sage, and keep up your efforts talking with your customers. We know what we need and what will work for us, and your recent efforts to listen to us are appreciated. I will continue to work with Sage, its products and services as long as Sage continues to be responsive and helpful to me. Congratulations on a great last year! Keep up the great work.