Eighth Annual Healthcare Conference at Harvard Business School

Harvard Bus School logo Please join us for the 8th Annual Healthcare Conference at Harvard Business School on Saturday, January  29th from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Hosted by the HBS Healthcare Club, the student-run Conference – titled “The State of Healthcare Reform:  Challenges. Strategies. Success.” – will address the implications of healthcare reform for various constituents in the global healthcare industry.

Keynote addresses will be delivered by Dr. Robert S. Epstein, Chief Medical Officer of Medco Health Solutions, and Ms. Angela F. Braly, Chair, President, and Chief Executive Officer of WellPoint.

The Conference will also feature a wealth of panel discussions for a wide variety of healthcare interests – from venture capital and entrepreneurship to health policy and healthcare IT to medical technology and biopharmaceuticals.  Finally, Conference participants will enjoy access to the highly-attended Networking Luncheon and afternoon Career Fair events.  For registration and additional Conference details, please visit the Conference website at www.hbshealthcareconference.org.

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  1. Healthcare is a business in the US. Profit motives for hospitals, insurers, practices and doctors will persist until the country completely converts to a socialized system. The majority of the US will not accept a socialized system. Consequently, effort should be exerted toward making the private healthcare sector (and its business entities) more cost effective and responsible.
    Can the country get away from blame rhetoric and political jousting to instead put energy toward solving the healthcare system problems we face? At least Harvard is making an effort.

  2. And there it is: Healthcare conference at a Business School.
    Can any headline define the terminal state of healthcare any better, er, worse!?
    And this blog prints it like a banner announcement!!!!

  3. I don’t understand why providers are allowing large for-profit insurance companies to set the tone and shape the rules for healthcare reform. We do not need them raking 15-20% off the top for performing financing transactions. If we slay the fee-for-service beast which has fed providers for so long, we absolutely cannot afford to pay insurance companies so much for so little. Great to see that Ms. Braly is at Harvard running their show.