Patients 2.0, HealthCamp and Health 2.0

Health Innovation Week is charging ahead. Eight events have already happened, but today begins the really heavy part for the Health 2.0 team*

We start at Healthcamp. Todd Park from HHS and Jack Cochran from Permanente kick this off. Danielle Cass, Mark Scrimshire, Mike Kirkwood & Maren Connary will host 200 of their closest friends in a great unconference setting at the Kaiser Garfield Center. That one’s sold out.

Next we race back to DC to VC, a meeting where (as you might suspect) the government types are talking to the VC types. That one is oversubscribed too.

We are then super excited about Patients 2.0 which will be a new type of meeting—driven by patients for patients, or by citizens for citizens. There are a few spots for that still open (about 175 patients signed up so far) and we want to encourage patients of all types to come join us for an amazing facilitated discussion in which everyone will contribute. That’s 3pm-6pm at the SF Hilton. See Gilles Frydman’s post on e-patients.net to get you fired up

Finally we’re at around 1,000 registered attendees for Health 2.0 which kicks off with a sponsors and speakers party on Wednesday night, and then the full two days of complete amazingness. Seriously—what you are going to see will knock your socks off. We can accommodate just a very few more, so we’re not going to post the “sold out” notice but the walk-in price will increase today. So if you’re on the fence, sign up by noon.

* The Health 2.0 team is my partners & co-Founder Indu Subaiya, Executive Producer Lizzie Dunklee, Marketing & Sales Whiz Hillary McCowen, Customer Service Star Bianca Grogan, Graphics Genius Lauren Golik and amazing interns from Norway Line Lie and Ida Seljeseth, Oh, and me too. They have all worked incredible hard and I am so grateful to them all

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