Health Innovation Week Press Conference, TODAY 11.15

Tomorrow we’re doing an early kick-off for Health Innovation Week, San Francisco. We’re having a public kick-off and press conference at the same place as this picture was taken. My guess is that we won’t get quite the passion, controversy or size of crowd that surrounded the Goodlett steps outside San Francisco City Hall at the height of the gay marriage month. But that’s where we’re going to be at 11.15 am Friday, Oct 1. Please come join us.


PLACE AND TIME: Goodlett Steps (Polk Street side of), San Francisco City Hall

11.15 am-11.45am, October 1, 2010

Health Innovation Weekis a series of some 20 events in San Francisco between October 2-10 — these are events with over 2,000 attendees from all across the US and the world. San Francisco is a center of innovation in health technology, and Health 2.0.

Mayor Gavin Newsom has proclaimed October 2-10 Health Innovation Week in San Francisco.

Some of the leaders of the Health 2.0 movement will make brief remarks about Health Innovation Week and the importance of health care technology innovation to the health care system and the San Francisco Bay Area. Speakers include:

  • Jordan Shlain MD, CEO of Current Medical Group and Commissioner for the Health Service System City & County of San Francisco
  • Matthew Holt & Indu Subaiya, Co-Founders of the Health 2.0 Conference, the largest event during Health Innovation week. Health 2.0 takes place on October 7-8.

In addition you’ll hear briefly from several health and business leaders from innovative Health 2.0 technology companies including:

  • Dena Bravata, Medical Director, Castlight Health—a revolutionary system that supplies health care consumers with better information to purchase health care services. Recently raised $80m in venture capital
  • Khaled Hassounah, CTO of MedHelp–one of the largest patient community sites on the Web with more than 10 million visits a month from organic growth in last five years.
  • Ryan Howard, CEO, Practice Fusion–a free web-based electronic medical record being used by more than 40,000 medical professionals
  • Dean Stephens, President & COO, Healthline—a leading online content, and search site, recently selected to power Yahoo! Health.
  • indsey Volckmann, Vice President, Keas–an online wellness company that’s integrating data from labs and others sources to improve preventive health.

These are just a few of the hundreds of companies and speakers who will be at Health 2.0 and Health Innovation Week. These companies are currently revolutionizing and improving health care. They are also part of the technology innovation powering San Francisco’s economic recovery.

They all have amazing stories to tell and technologies to show. We hope that you’ll be able to join us to meet with them and discuss how they are changing health care.

For more information about Health Innovation Week or Health 2.0 you can contact Matthew Holt on 650 218 4002 or matthew@health2con.com

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