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Aneesh Chopra talking Health IT and innovation, SF 12 noon today

Today at 12 noon PST Aneesh Chopra, Federal CTO will be at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco talking about health care and health care IT. Indu and I saw him last night talking about technology before a big crowd at the Silicon Valley Computer History Museum.

In today’s talk he’s going to be focused exclusively on health care, which means he won’t have to dodge the question on Net Neutrality that he got last night. And even better, if you don’t have a ticket yet you can get one free thanks to the California Health Care Foundation,

I’ve seen Aneesh talk several times. Last night was particularly good in that he really responded well in the Q&A session. Plus he gave several shout-outs to the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge even if he made Indu embarrassed,

So if you care at all about health care and IT, you should come to the Commonwealth Club in downtown San Francisco today. And as an added bonus the entire health 2.0 team down to the Norwegian interns will be there – except for Lizzie who is up at the Health 2.0 NorthWest Chapter Kick off meeting.

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  1. He is a charismatic speaker and I plan to listen. He needs to listen to the other side before wasting $ billions as they did in the UK.
    Preaching to the choir is always an ego booster. He needs to read the MAUDE database on adverse events caused by the devices he is promoting. He should also read the Huffington Post and the Washington Post on topics germane to the other side of his coin.