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Checking in with BenefitFocus

It's been a little while since I checked in with the folks at BenefitFocus. They essentially create a system that allows employees to sign up for benefits all at once. They market it via a lead health plan in each area, and then give the employer HR department the ability to glom their other benefits plans onto it, saving lots of time and trees during open enrollment and for new employee hires. (The really old reader may remember that this was the very first business model of Healtheon in 1996 and funnily enough Healtheon's first "client" for that version of their business model, Blue Shield of California, is a decade and a half later using BenefitFocus for the same thing).

They also have an interesting side business making videos and selling that service to HR departments for internal education, and have a public side to their video business, a sort of Youtube for health called ICYOU, who of course come to every Health 2.0 Conference (Hi, Nina & crew!)

Last week I caught up with Shawn Jenkins, the CEO of BenefitFocus. This is a guy who started a business in the middle of the dotcom bust in the technology backwater of South Carolina (cue abusive emails!), and now has 500 employees, lots of clients and a very profitable company. And of course they are well positioned to be at the hub of the forthcoming exchanges–the state of Maryland has already signed on the dotted line. And now they're moving into analytics.

Interested in what they're up to? Listen in.

Shawn Jenkins, BenefitFocus

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