KP Innovation Workshop

Logo At the Sidney R. Garfield Innovation Center, Kaiser Permanente's patients, doctors, nurses, architects and engineers use elements of human-centered design to improve and to innovate physical spaces, technologies and clinical operations in a unique, “movie-set”-style warehouse. Many of these innovations have been spread throughout Kaiser Permanente as well as to organizations nationally and internationally.  

As a result, an inaugural workshop has been developed workshop to share the Kaiser Permanente methodology and some best practices. On August 3rd and 4th, a variety of health care providers, biotech and pharmaceutical companies, policy researchers, architects and more will get together in a hands-on session to explore and experience first-hand how Kaiser Permanente understands it’s users’ needs and ideate and prototype new processes, spaces and technologies. Participants will work in the same space where Kaiser Permanente employees and patients conduct deep-dives and collaborate on new idea generation.

Partial list of learning objectives:

  • Awareness of human-centered design & collaboration as powerful tools for innovation
  • Extrapolate case study learnings to real world problems 
  • Understanding of different innovation centers and their similarities and differences

For more information on the training, please visit the KP website:

See also:  "KP on THCB: How to Build a Culture of Innovation From the Inside Out"

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