The NY Times, dogs, sores & Dartmouth critics

Today’s NY Times has a confused, woffly attack on Dartmouth from Reed Abelson & Gardiner Harris. This is a dreadful article. Period.

That the NY Times printed it is remarkable given the turnaround in thinking by David Leonhart in the Economix blog on the NY Times over the years to being a thoughtful Dartmouth proponent. It’s end even more remarkable that they didn’t even quote Buzz Cooper, probably the leading thoughtful Dartmouth critic. Longtime THCB readers will expecting me to start writing about dogs licking their sores….

Dartmouth has pretty much immediately refuted their article (and I suspect it didn’t take too much research). But what they really missed was the big announcement yesterday that HHS is now releasing a whole lot of datasets that researchers can use to put these and other data together and are encouraging the private payers to add to the mix (FD The Health 2.0 Developer Challenge is helping convene tech developers to work on this). Is it really true that Sacramento is cheap according to Dartmouth but expensive to private payers. And why?

There’s lots more work to be done here, but this article doesn’t help.

If you want a deep deep dive into this problem, here’s the article Daniel Gilden wrote on my blog last year. With lots of intelligent back and forth in the comments (including one from a Nobel Prize winner!).

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