Chaim Indig, Phreesia, on how to spend $16m

Chaim Indig has been steadily turning Phreesia from an ad-supported patient check-in service to a front end for physician’s offices to manage their relationships with patients, and collect co-pays. As such Phreesia is turning from a content company to a transaction company. Last week they raised a further $16m in venture capital, with new investor Ascension Health Ventures leading the round. Chaim dropped by the Health 2.0 world HQ to meet Charley the dog and to tell us about Phreesia’s next steps.

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  1. Ugh, I recently had to use Phreesia at my GP’s office, and nothing felt more dehumazing and invasive than using a third party to check in. I felt badly for the elderly struggling with it. I didn’t know what entity was going to have my medical info or credit card data. I didn’t like handling a shared item in an area with sick people. Further, the market research questions and advertising were unexpected and obnoxious, especially in a medical professional’s office. To me, Phreesia is part of the disconnect between office and patient – humans. I hated it.
    The more I read about these, the worse I feel. The only people raving are medstaff who think the use of these will lighten office staff load. And I want to know what incentives doctors’ office have, because they are under pressure to get x-many surveys per week.
    I don’t care what I’m told about supposed privacy and how the company uses “aggregate data”- I am bit a willing participant in their data gathering. Heck, Phreesia is just now hiring someone to formulate privacy policies, so up to now, what are they? Feels Big Brotherish and if my doc continues, I may find a new doc.

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