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Alexandra Drane, fabulous, poacher, with PODCAST

One of my favorite people has the (first of) her (several) 15 minutes of fame in the NY Times today. Alex Drane tells all about growing a small business into a pretty big one (although it’s in the NY Times art of running a small business section as I guess Eliza isn’t General Motors). Most interesting thing they print is that she recruited her team by stealing them from her competitors. Her technique was to call them up and ask the person they wanted if anyone they knew needed a new job! And apparently she wants all her employees to leave and run their company (or maybe she was misquoted!)

But don’t forget that besides her day job Alex is the force behind Engage with Grace which she’s taking to TedMed this Fall (yes we know the TedMedsters are two years behind Health 2.0, but we’ll forgive them in this case).

But most importantly, look at that smile….


And you’ll see Alex at Health 2.0 Goes to Washington if we can just wrestle her to get her demo in order later this week!

CODA–And as an added bonus I got to record a podcast with Alex this very afternoon! (Click on the dark bar below and it turns into a player)

Alex Drane interview

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  1. Matthew,
    Glad you enjoyed my story. I can assure you that Alexandra was not misquoted.
    Adriana Gardella
    twitter: adrianagardella

  2. Thanks for keeping us up to date with your social life. No wonder you are the biggest fan of social media 🙂

  3. Sounds like you’ve got a bit of a crush there, Matthew. Can’t say I blame you. . .