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DrChrono shows their iPad chops

The guys from DrChrono have come a long way since we saw them first just last summer. They have a SaaS based practice management system, but at Health 2.0 at the Doctor’s Office they introduced an iPad-based tool for physicians. Here’s a quick video I took of them last month, with a live fake demo of what it might look like in a real encounter between a real doctor, and a fake patient.

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  1. As many of the comments listed are several years old, I urge you to give drchrono a try. We are voted by doctors as the #1 iPad EHR for 2013 and have over 60,000 practitioners on the system…My team is standing by to assist you.

    Craig Silverman, vp sales @drchrono

  2. As a user of DrChrono , and medical practice manager, I can vouch that DrChrono is far from a polished product. System and server issues detract from all the bells and whistles the program promises. While the iPad product is a timesaver in many ways, it’s bugs are time consuming and often render the product unreliable. Worse , mixing of patient pics and information presents liability issues the developers seem to be unfamiliar with. We signed up with a USA based company only to be shuffled off to India for everything else . Customer service is pleasant yet ineffective. We deal today with the same recurring program defects we dealt with upon sign up. Worse, the paid product and billing are not worth dumping local billing for. The billing arm and patient accounting has miles to go before it operates like the effecient billing services we have in the USA. DrChrono would do well to bring service back home and create a product that has familiarity with medical practice and how each medical position within a practice operates. That would be key to making a product that would effectively change a practice.

  3. Our office has been using Dr. Chrono since March, 2013. I am convinced that the people that developed the Billing aspect of this program did NOT know anything about Medical Billing. I truly believe that instead they were more focused on their “pride and joy” IPAD functionality. Problems, Problems….To name a few:

    1. If a patient is in the hospital for more than one day, you can NOT “date range” submit a charge. Instead, you have to post one day at a time. Nonsense. The time that takes, and software always “freezing/skipping” out on you…whew, if you have a patient in the hospital for more than a week….Good Luck!.

    2. They have hardly any secondary insurance electronic payor ID’s loaded. So in a nut shell, anything that is going out to a secondary payor that requires an EOB, and does not have a payor ID# loaded…it is NOT possible. I was told today that “Emdeon” doesn’t do that. Ooooh K…. been using Emdeon for over 20 yrs. How about the “payment profile” saga ?!?

    3.Anybody had this plesure yet? All of a sudden, our ERA payments are posting to charges, then resulting in “open” negative balances. Then, you have to go back one-by-one to fix the negative. MANUALLY.

    4.Reporting?…yep, don’t try to export a file to a Google spreadsheet. NOT POSSIBLE. I had this confirmed today by cust service. The reports can only be generated and exported to a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. I even went one step higher, to their I.T. gang..can’t do it….don’t waste time trying.

    5. Oh and the BEST…this one is great…. When software “times-out” or freezes….you get an error message from them entitled “Aww Snap!….something went wrong”….. Aww snap?? Really…..?? Let me be professional, and use the term “Aww snap” to a patient standing in front of me. That would go over real well. Maybe it’s supposed to be office humor, but it’s certainly NOT appreciated when your trying to get some work done….I don’t know ….is it just me ??

  4. Unfortunately, DrChrono just isn’t useable–it has very rigid templates and the options they provide(multiple select, yes/no, fractions etc…) are NEVER correct no matter how much modifications I do–I am tinkering with their templates everyday and it increases my workload because I need to triple check my notes to make sure they’re correctly formatted. They do not understand how a doctor thinks. In addition, working on an iPad is nice in theory but the actual implementation of drchrono on the iPad is poorly done. There is no easy way to work on notes on the computer for anything(erx, notes,viewing documents) and they have ridiculous tabs/menus to navigate through when you want to view/print a previous note. They arrange patients by their first name in the patient note section and you cannot rearrange it to show by any other method! Do you have any idea how hard it is to find someone by their first name?! They also keep changing their prices and exclude essential features each time unless you purchase the more expensive upgrade.
    It’s simply not worth the price. My recommendation is to use something free(practicefusion) or bite the bullet and pay for something more expensive but with known functionality

  5. Nicole,

    I manage a large mental health clinic in Missouri and one of the physicians in our office is interested in moving our clinic from our currrent EMR to drchronos. I’d like to talk with you about your experience with the drchronos software if you wouldn’t mind.
    From what I can see this software is very simplistic and the very cheap monthly fee is alluring, but I’m leary of the overall package and would like to talk with someone who is actually using the software and can give me feedback.
    If you are willing to talk with me please send me an email with your contact information to
    Thank you.

  6. I am in agreement. DrChrono, while it has good intentions and a lot of potential to be a good system, is difficult to work with.
    I know from speaking with our medical staff that there are issues with the eRx many times.
    From the billing standpoint, which I work with, I feel it’s next to impossible to get anything addressed. Sharon is correct, it seems whenever there is a problem solved, another arises. Secondly, I find I have to keep on the “development team” or whomever may answer my message to find out if anything has been for, many times, a month or two.
    DrChrono makes several changes to their system, mostly small ones, but never make their customers aware or give any training which may be necessary, which leaves our office having to learn as we happen to find the changes.
    I have had several talks over the phone and through emails with the support staff, but I feel like we are in the same position as we were, if not worse, when we started with this system. It is nice that DrChrono has the iPad feature, but honestly, it does nothing to help me not send tons of paper claims to insurances at the end of the day.

  7. Our office has been using this system since Feb. of this year, I still HATE it. If one problem gets fix a new one replaces it. To many problems with the billing. Always something not working right.

  8. I am with you billing system has so many problems. No one can you when there problems will be fixed, only that they are working on it!

  9. Dr Chrono has the right idea, but I have tried to use for several months and they aren’t anywhere near functionally useable. They will likely fail unless they step back and Fix the multitude of problems that seem to worsen by the day with this program. Examples include frequent crashes, freezes, lost data, buttons that don’t respond, unreadable mixed up notes and on and on. The positive press is only coming from their company and not really their users. It is the right concept and what doctors are waiting for but very poorly executed.

  10. Hi Dr Lee, this is Daniel from drchrono, I am sorry you feel that way.

    Please call or email us, I would love to help out in anyway.
    The best way to contact me is at support[at]drchrono[dot]com and 516.784.4825.

    Daniel, cofounder of drchrono

  11. Dr. Chrono sucks do not use this company I have been using them for months and I am worse off than I was to begin with. Not certified.

  12. I am a user of dr. Chrono and I think they are terrible items do not stay in the system constantly saying failed to connect to server and it is not the Internet. There are so many issues with this EMR I cannot list them all. I have to use paper along with the iPad because I never know if there system will kick it out and it will not be saved. Dr chrono will state we have had payments and post them as paid when actually we have not. Contiually things have to be double and triple checked. The only positive is the iPad but when you have a crappy EMR it makes the iPad seem crappy too. The only thing I see michael nusimow doing is giving himself props and posting a bunch of B.S instead of fixing the problems with his EMR and they are not a certified
    EMR company..