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Nancy Turett on Health Engagement

One of the more interesting surveys about health care in recent years has been the Edelman Health Engagement Barometer (HEB) first done in 2008 when I was tangentially involved—I wasn’t involved this year). Recently Edelman the global communications giant has redone the survey and it really pushed the boat out this year—doing the survey in 11 countries with a big oversample in the US.

A week or so ago I grabbed a few minutes with Nancy Turett who runs Edelman’s global health practice to get the overview of the new Health Engagement Barometer.

You can also hear more about all of this on Tuesday May 25 at 11 am EST when Nancy and a gang including the ever wonderful Jane Sarasohn-Kahn will be talking more about the HEB. You can get an invite to that by emailing

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  1. The classification of patients on the Edelman site was very interesting. Further it was interesting to see their representatives in many countries. It’s interesting because medicine practice is localized even though knowledge and germs flow internationally.
    It will be nice to know their business model and what demand are they planning to serve.

  2. The single most interesting insight I got from this video is that no wonder Matthew Holt writes so much. He talks a lot! His questions seem to have three or four sub-plots.The video was very illuminating and intriguing; a great use of the blog.