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THCB CEO denies improper relationships, payoffs

The Health Care Blog’s Founder & CEO Matthew Holt today announced a policy of absolute transparency concerning the rash of “inappropriate relationships” apparently infecting the health care blogging community. Holt released this statement:

I can categorically deny the truth of any rumors suggesting that anything inappropriate has been going on in the relationships between myself and any THCB staff members. While anonymous contributors may have uploaded perhaps unseemly photographic evidence to Facebook of such a relationship, I’m here to stamp out any rumors that the employee concerned was getting more than special treatment in other areas. I’d also like to state for the record that he is still on the THCB staff, and also that any treats he receives around the neighborhood are direct gifts from the giftees concerned over which I have no influence, and I am not paying off Maria at the Java House for her bacon treats.

Matthew Charley

Reached while sneaking off early on a Friday to coach Little League, THCB Managing Editor John Irvine was said to be quote “Extremely relieved” that Holt was not having any inappropriate relationships with staff members, as “there aren’t any other staff other than me!” and he “didn’t think I’d enjoy it very much."

Upon being informed that apparently other inappropriate relationships have led to large pay-offs and bonuses, Irvine changed his tune somewhat and started inquiring exactly what level of inappropriateness he’d have to put up with, and how big the bonuses were.

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  1. Hubslist:
    Yes, but while it’s “humorous” it also serves to widely disseminate unconfirmed gossip around the web. I have an aversion to most hospital administrators, but Paul Levy is one of a very few hospital CEO’s who can speak as knowledgeably and passionately about quality improvement/patient safety as about – money. Which is where the others spend all their time.

  2. I think it is still OK to show a bit of a sense of humor. I certainly enjoy it. But thank God you can put a “humor” tag on a blog just in case someone is dense enough to miss it.

  3. Maybe you were just trying to lighten things up Matthew, but I don’t find this too funny. I must be ignorant of the ones with the large payoffs, but otherwise, at least one good person is being dragged through the mud.
    But I’m glad you love your dog.

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