Commentology: Dear Mr. Angry

THCB reader CARISSA PILLOW, an RN, is one of many readers who objected to the tone of the satirical post “Let’s Pay Nurses Minimum Wage.” Carissa writes:

“Dear Mr. Angry, I just wanted to take a moment to express my sincere disappointment. Yep, I’m a nurse. Yep, I got it, you were trying to be funny, with some witty satire. Yep, I see that you were trying to point out how backwards it is to pass legislation “outsourcing” nursing. But, by making a funny funny post, what you did was perpetuate the ongoing misconception of what a nurse does. You describe nurses as a group of butt wiping, overpaid babysitters with skills the equivalent of retail clerks. And while yes, in my 13 years of nursing experience I have done my fair share of butt wiping and babysitting, my daily work involves so very much more than the public understands. So let me clarify my job description for you and for the American public that you have misinformed. In my career I have: Sat by a patient as the only person in the room while they met their maker, and provided dignified post mortem care for them; Given a 40 year old wife the news that her husband had suffered a massive heart attack and was recovering from a cardiac cath procedure that saved his life for the third time; Told a hospitalist the orders that she needed to write for a patient suffering from Diabetic Ketoacidosis; Helped countless doctors sort through the diagnostics on their patients and helped make critical decisions in their patients’ care; Provided critical information to doctors during their patients’ sudden onset of cardiac dysrhythmias; Run countless codes; Prayed with families and patients prior to some very frightening surgeries; Packed countless gaping abdomenal wounds; Given countless doses of Morphine, Zofran and Insulin; Spotted critical errors and omissions in care and brought them to the attention of the doctor responsible for immediate correction; Informed families of impending brain death of their loved ones; Held countless hands; Held direct pressure on gushing arterial bleeds; Properly diagnosed an MI and provided proper emergency care; Attended the funeral of multiple patients; Gone running for a countless number of bedpans and barf buckets; Facilitated continuity of care by communicating with pharmacists, dietitians, CT techs, MRI techs, Xray techs, doctors, chaplains, and fellow nurses; Allowed families vent their dissatisfaction with the hospital, with their doctor, with their family members, with their church, with their government and with me;

Allowed my management vent their dissatisfaction with the hospital, with doctors, with family, with the government and with me; And, I have dispensed great advice and even greater hugs freely. I have done all of these things during my career, and many of these things all in one week at my work. I do all of this during my 12 hour shift with one 30 minute lunch break. I am adequately compensated for my work. I am not overpaid; I am not underpaid. I don’t feel that my work is degrading or that I am too good for my work. On the contrary, I start and end each day with a prayer to my maker. And, I feel so very humbled and blessed each day to spend the most intimate moments of my patients’ lives each shift. So imagine my dismay after reading your ridiculous blog that portrayed my work in such a simplistic, inaccurate light…. I am dissapointed in your misrepresentation of my career. And, I hope I clarified for you what a nurse actually does. Perhaps the next time you find yourself writing about nurses, you can be more graceful and thoughtful about the group of people you post about. Thank you, Carissa Pillow, RN CCRN …”

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  1. Mr Angry, any well educated and experienced nurse can see that you need further instruction o how to take your Viagra.

  2. Right now the nursing shortage has disappeared, but will come back as older nurses retire. If I was in critical care or close to it I would not want a minimum wage “nurse” as nurses just don’t blindly follow instructions but think about and monitor everything that keeps you alive, including incorrect drugs and drug dosages ordered by the docs or incorrectly filled by pharmacy.
    I vote for paying Wall Street investment managers minimum wage, can’t do any worse than the high priced ones that sank the economy.