Matthew Holt

Why cameras shouldn’t be let into bars


Captions for a bubble above Jonathan Bush’s or Judy Faulkner’s head? In the comments please

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  1. Jon: What IS that caught in Matthew’s beard?
    Judy: (to self) Focus on the eyes, don’t stare. Focus.

  2. Jon: What the hell is Matthew talking about?
    Judy: You don’t agree with what he is saying?
    Jon: No…it’s that I can’t understand a bloody word. I’m trying to look like I’m intent on what he is saying, but his damn accent is so thick.
    Judy: I’m so with you. Epic software can read the (normally indeciperable) handwriting of doctors, but that’s nothing compared to deciphering the ramblings of this drunken brit. My hands are empty. I’m gonna use the “I need a drink” line. See ya.