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A little HIMSS housekeeping

Today till Weds I’ll be at HIMSS in Atlanta. You can see me at the Bloggers panel at 3pm Monday, or more importantly at the talk Jane Sarasohn-Kahn & I are giving on Health 2.0 & Participatory Medicine at 1pm on Tuesday in Georgia Ballroom 1.

I’ll also be wondering around with the trusty flipcam, so expect to see a few schedules and not so scheduled interviews up on THCB too. And you can always follow my twitter feed If you want to meet me, best bet is to DM or follow my social schedule here although with Jetlag waking me up at 4am not sure how long I’ll last tonight!

Interspersed in all of that tech stuff, THCB will roll on as usual. I’ll let you know in 3 days time if the tech sector in health care has made more progress since last year than their political cousins!

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