THCB Media Guide

Want to reach a monthly audience of between 60,000 and 100,000 healthcare-obsessed readers a month? You’ve come to the right place. We’re in the process of laying out our snazzy new media guide, but here are a few details about the site to get you started.

Who reads THCB?

We are pleased to say that THCB is now counted as required reading throughout the healthcare industry. Our reach is national. On average THCB is read on average by 85,000 – 100,000 unique visitors a month.

Our subscriber lists include readers at almost every hospital, medical center and physician group in the country. We are closely followed by businesses throughout the healthcare supply chain, from small suppliers to billion dollar industry giants.

We are also read by a steadily increasing number of consumers interested in our insider take on health and healthcare.

What’s Your Focus?

We cover the business of healthcare and the technologies that are transforming the industry and shaping the way Americans access healthcare. 

Corporate sponsorship packages

Most of our sponsors decide to become corporate supporters, an arrangement that offers a longer term presence on the site and additional advantages over traditional web advertising.Pricing starts at $7,500 and up for quarterly campaigns.

Please email executive editor John Irvine for details at john@thehealthcareblog.com. John can also be reached directly at 908.432.2922.

The Healthcare Marketplace

If you’re looking to reach healthcare professionals or consumers with a service you may want to consider a text classified. Text classifieds appear on the front page of the site and can also be purchased in sub sections or matched to specific posts. Discounts apply on buys of a quarter or longer. Please email ad_sales@thehealthcareblog.com for current rates and available specials.

Healthcare Marketplace ad units

125 x 125 ad units are available on the THCB front page and in the tech and op-ed subsections for a flat monthly rate. Check with ad_sales@thehealthcareblog.com for availability and rates.

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